Pretty Link Pro prettyBar – you hate it, but here’s why it helps branding

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Many of you know that we love the Pretty Link Pro plugin for WordPress and use it on the planet5D blog – but every now and then we get a complaint about the “pretty bar” that we place on some of our external (non planet5D) links – we thought we'd put together a demonstration of what it does for us, and what it could do for you if you're a blogger.

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For bloggers and those who read planet5D blog but dislike the “pretty bar” iframe that we attach to some of our external links, here's an explanation of why we use them and why we like them – even tho some people dislike them.

In this video, we demonstrate one particular link that we posted in 2009 that other people have shared over 50,000 times – giving planet5D a chance to be seen by over 50k potential new readers. And that is just ONE link! Granted it is our best example of this kind of brand sharing, but it makes the point quite well.

name another tool that can do that!

I know that some of you still won't like the pretty bar, but maybe you'll tolerate it just a little bit more once you see how powerful it can be to help spread the branding of planet5D or your own blog. Not to mention that the price is down to $37 – it used to be $97.

Of course, we'd love to hear your comments – even if you still just absolutely hate it! Sound off in the comments below!

For more information on Pretty Link Pro, please visit:

(cover photo credit: snap from the pretty link pro site)

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  1. I don’t mind the pretty bar. My pet peeve is long intros in the videos. Your site has a 10 second pre-roll ad and then another 10 second intro music+logo intro. Today I watched the 10 second ad only to have the main video fail to play. I had to reload the page, watch the same ad again, then the intro before ever getting to the meat of the thing.

    So I can tell you I watch fewer of your videos than I would if there wasn’t a 20 second tunnel to pass through to get to the content.

    I’m sure this sites is a lot of work to keep fresh. I do like the content and wish you all the best.



    1. Author

      Rob, I’m thinking you’re talking possibly about the advertising? I keep forgetting that blip inserts those ads – I’ll try to remember to turn them off for all future episodes. Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. Been a website developer for 15 years and these things really bother me. Maybe I’m just a savvy user, but I like to be taken to the link I clicked on, not a masked link with somebody else’s toolbar on it.

    Essentially you are saying that if somebody messes up and posts the wrong link, you get exposure from that? Just remember that some of that exposure you are getting is 2 seconds of annoyance while we click “x” to close the toolbar on the top. It’s not always positive.

    1. Author

      Yes Matt, I understand. I’ve been a software developer for 30+ years. I know UI too. This one example shows that I’ve had 50,000+ clicks from one link that has the pretty bar on it alone. And even if 20% of those people were mad because of the iframe (and I believe that 20% is extremely high), then I still had 40k users who saw my branding that may have not known about planet5D and may have come to the site because of the branded iframe.

      And, in the 2 years I’ve been using PLP, I’ve probably had fewer than 50 complaints such as yours about the pretty bar. Yes, I’ve had some, and there are plenty who just went away mad and didn’t say anything. But the site continues to grow and we’re in the top of the photography industry.

      You can’t please everyone no matter what. My experience is that the number of positive experiences here at planet5D is vastly out pacing those who left disappointed.

      And by the way – every advertising link on the site is a ‘masked link’ and our advertisers are extremely happy with the number of clicks they get. This proves to me that the general user does not care whether the link is a link or the link of the advertisers.

      But again – I do appreciate your comments!

      1. Well, a minor annoyance is just that, minor. It won’t stop me from being a loyal viewer. Glad to see you got rid of that popup that was happening whenever somebody would move their cursor outside the window. That was brutal :)

  3. As I stated previously, there are some important security flaws in using such tool, when put in the wrong hands.

    For example, you could add code in the iFrame to log all the user login and pw that they enter while they still use the bar, change all amazon affiliate links on the pages they visit, etc..

    I know you dont do that, but that is what an evil hacker could do.

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