Pogo’s fun Canon EOS 5D Mark II music video – ‘Joburg Jam’

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We stumbled into this a couple of weeks ago – Pogo (Nick Bertke) is using the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) to record all of his videos now. Who's Pogo? Well, he is one of those guys who was doing his own thing – creating music mixes from snippets of audio from all kinds of source and has become an “overnight” sensation. And of course, that has taken years, but he really has become quite famous. I found him a couple of years ago with a song he did from a mix of sounds from the Disney movie of “Alice in Wonderland”. His latest video “Joburg Jam” was filmed on a Canon HDSLR and is a remix of live video and audio. For a much better understanding of his technique – I recommend you listen to the 10 minute audio interview that was done with Nick and is hosted on his site: pogomix.net

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Pogo's Alice

To give you a background of where Pogo has come from – this is “Alice” – the video/song that seems to have launched his fame:

Joburg Jam

Here's the new video from Johannesburg (filmed with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II)

This is remix of sights and sounds that I filmed around the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. This marks the beginning of my World Remix project!

World Remix is my idea for an upcoming album which would expand upon my live-action remixing concept, first displayed to much fanfare in my track and video Gardyn. The goal of my project is to travel the world capturing sights, sounds, voices and chords, and use them to compose and shoot a track and video for each major culture of the world. It will be funded solely by you the listener, and will be released worldwide on CD, DVD, and on my website PogoMix.net. I am deeply inspired by the films Baraka and Koyaanisqatsi, and hope to produce the best cinematography and music I humanely can throughout each project.

Every remix will be financed by pledges at KickStarter, funds made by the remix before it, and by prepayments for the next upcoming remix. If you purchase remix #001 or prepay for the upcoming remix #002, it sends me and my crew to our next destination to produce remix #002. With the release of each remix, I will state a fixed financial goal for the next destination which will be publicly viewable as a new project here on KickStarter.

Working with major labels, studios and corporations often carries with it a number of obligations which greatly affect the integrity and general direction of the project in question. Trying to turn my own idea into a mutually beneficial deal that preserves the integrity of the project is virtually impossible. Besides, remixing real people, cultures and religions carries the responsibility to properly represent someone's way of being. My world remix concept has peaked the intrigue of various labels, studios and TV channels — but as always with corporate deals, the dollars come with strings attached. In reality, the album would likely be skewered towards night-life and commercialized metropolitan districts. It would stray completely from my initial concept, and wouldn't make for compelling material even if I did sell out.

The world remix project is going to employ a unique method of funding — an incremental finance structure. Every track will be financed by the funds generated from sales of the track before it, and by prepayments for the track next to be released. so to put it quite literally, you the listener will be the sponsor! In a nutshell, if you purchase track #001, it sends me and my crew to our next destination to produce track #002. With the release of each track, I will state a fixed financial goal for the next destination, and provide a publicly viewable status of how close we are to reaching that goal. Not only are you helping our cause, but you're supporting me directly to produce a quality track and film production. Plus, every supporter will be formerly credited as an Associate Producer, earning them a discount of the full CD and DVD when the project is completed. Remember when people had to pay for music regardless of quality? Remember when most of that money went to a posh record label?

If you the listeners stop contributing, then so must I. Your opinions are important to me, so if it's apparent this project is losing appeal, then it is not meant to be.

The crew will usually consist of two people. I will be operating all of the camera equipment, while my faithful manager Bryant Randall will be manning the sound equipment in addition to documenting the project behind the scenes. We will almost always have a fixer to navigate for us and translate the local dialects, and often there will be need for a grip to hold reflectors, soft boxes, dump footage, etc. While making music on location will be a vital part of capturing a culture, I will use our sounds and footage to compose primarily at my studio in Perth, Western Australia.

Hopefully you'll now enjoy the music of pogo and we'll be following his adventures here on planet5D.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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