planet5D interview of Patryk Kizny online and dryeye giveaway winners

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We had a very interesting conversation with Patryk Kizny from DitoGear the other day – he's involved in three different companies at the same time – incredibly fascinating because of all the projects he has his fingers in – including the timelapse and astrophotography. The interview is online now and you can watch it below or if you want, you can see it on our page or watch it on your iPhone/ipod thru iTunes!

Redrock Micro

The podcast

The DryEye Giveaway

As promised, we also gave away 5 DryEye systems – the winners were:

  • Nicholas Hutchinson
  • Rafael Asquith
  • Milan Ovecka
  • Caleb Spillyards
  • Hunter Steven Martin

Our thanks again to Patryk for taking time out to visit with the crowd on the planet5D live interview! If you want to see “The Chapel” that we were talking about during the interview – it is here: “The making of “The Chapel” – a nice behind the scenes HDSLR video

You can find him at LookyCreative and

Blogger's Disclaimer: yes, DitoGear is indeed a sponsor of planet5D.

(cover photo credit: snap from the planet5D podcast)

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