planet5D forums – a visual introduction to our IPBoard and tips

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We've got some great stuff happening in the planet5D forums – questions, answers, critiques, fun, laughter, videos, rigs, the HDSLR chat room, and a ton more – but we're also finding that many of you are just very new to forums and sometimes there are just too many features and they're overwhelmed or shy or just plain don't know how to do some things. So, what better than a visual walkthru? We'll cover the basics of the forums, as well as hiding the sidebars, updating your profile, monitoring specific threads, how to find the latest discussions and much more!

Redrock Micro

the overview

And don't forget we're giving away a RØDE VideoMic Pro in the forums in the month of February thanks to the DVeStore! Every post in the forums in the month of February counts as an entry.

(cover photo credit: snap from the planet5D podcast)

Zeiss Cinema Lenses

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