New Gale Tattersall HD DSLR Workshops

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We posted earlier about Gale Tattersall's HDSLR master classes, but there have been some additional sessions set up we thought you'd like to know. Visit HD DSLR Workshops for more information as well.

Of course, these sessions have been added to the planet5D HDSLR event calendar!

Redrock Micro

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Press release about the classes

Recently anointed Canon Explorer of Light, and internationally-acclaimed cinematographer, Gale Tattersall, hits off the new year ambitiously with his series of HD DSLR master classes. Offering level one courses back to back each month through April, Tattersall continues to be in the forefront of the HD DSLR revolution. These workshops have been touted as “the most hands on HD DSLR Workshops around,” and are regarded as having the highest student to instructor ratio, roughly three students to each instructor. Tattersall has reinvented himself with High Definition DSLR technology, and is on a mission to teach the world how to shoot truly cinematic material with a camera that you can buy at your local camera store.
Gale Tattersall is the 5th ever filmmaker to be inducted into Canon’s Explorer of Light program. The EOL program is a group of the worlds leading photographers who are assembled by Canon to provide insight, inspiration, and education to future generations of photographers. Now with this new title, Tattersall is guaranteed to stay on the cutting edge of Canon technology. He was recognized for his use of the Canon 5D Mark II in the filming of the entire Season 6 finale of “House M.D.” Tattersall’s use of an HD DSLR camera to shoot an entire episode of one of the most popular television shows in the world, “HOUSE,” turned the cinematography world on its ear. His continued use of the 5D Mark II on the show, as well as his newly offered HD DSLR Workshops, have made for a perfect union between Canon and Tattersall.
Each of the three days included in the HD DSLR Workshops, students get hands-on time with the Canon 5D MKII, as well as the chance to test and play with several different rigs from their sponsors Red-rock Micro, Glidecam, and Libec. To allow for thirty students to get the chance to shoot each day, Gale has assembled a strong team of photographers, and filmmakers to instruct as many as thirty students. With roughly three students to each instructor, no one is left behind when it comes to shooting time, and instruction.
This special opportunity to learn one on one from an Emmy and ASC-nominated cinematographer, and one of the pioneers of the HD DSLR movement, is not something to look past. Gale and his team are the people who are using these cameras on a regular basis, they are the people who are shooting on the biggest stage in the world with HD DSLR’s, and they are offering to teach people how it is done. From low-budget techniques to big budget experience, these are the people to learn from. Gale Tattersall doesn’t hold on to any trade secrets, his passion is passing on the knowledge he has acquired in his thirty years of experience to the next generation of filmmakers. As Tattersall can be quoted in his promotional video, “With the HD DSLR revolution there are no excuses for you not to be able to make your movie, if you have a dream of making a movie,” Gale Tattersall.

Workshop Level One – Spread over three Sundays, each of the three days will revolve around a different aspect of the cinematographic process, where both the technical and creative sides of using these new digital tools will be covered.  5D Mark II cameras will be available for students to experience hands-on, as well as all the equipment and gear that Gale uses regularly on House.  Students can expect to learn how to use the basic and advanced functions of the camera, lighting, shooting, and the filmmaking process from concept to creation. Sound and post-production basics are also covered, giving students a fully rounded introduction to making movies with HD DSLR cameras. The final class will offer students the chance to take the concepts and skills they have learned over the month and create a commercially viable product.

Workshop Dates:

February 13, 20, & 27 / 2010   
March 13, 20, & 27 / 2010
April 10, 17, & 24 / 2010

Coming this spring Gale will embark on his Level Two workshops. The content of these classes will be posted shortly. Also stay tuned for the HD DSLR Workshop commercials videos.

HD DSLR Workshops is planning a series of five-day field trips where students will get the chance to work closely with Gale shooting a documentary film. This will be a camping trip where students and crew camp out in an undisclosed location, and shoot a movie. All amenities will be included. Photographers, filmmakers, and other artists will live together during this experience, talk image creativity over a camp-fire, in a chance to bond and learn with each other. This will be a life and learning experience rolled into one.


(cover photo credit: snap from the training site)

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