NastyClamps – what are they? An Unboxing as well as a contest to win one!

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We were sent a set of these new photography related clamps from Matt at NastyClamps and we thought we'd do an unboxing video because everyone loves those right? We'll give you a quick overview of what they're all about and you can see how they work. Not only that, but Matt gave us 3 additional NastyClamps to give away! Info on how to enter the contest is down at the bottom of this post.

Redrock Micro

A little about how these came about

Matt sent us this introduction to how these clamps came about

Just so that you have a little bit of back story about me, I'm just a typical, everyday, ordinary, middle-aged guy who — unfortunately — gets bored really easily, and so I'm always looking for new stuff to do. The whole clamp business came about by accident, when a set of my portable strobes ended up getting broken while doing a series of event photo shoots: people kept running into my lighting stands and knocking the strobes over.

I realized that getting my lights off of the stands (and somehow making them “clampable”) would probably save my butt, and so I kinda' pieced together the very first “Nasty Clamp” using an old grip clamp, some hydraulic hosing, epoxy, and a 1/4 inch bolt. Almost immediately, people started asking me to make “the weird looking clamp thing” for them. Pretty soon, I had a business.

the unboxing video


You can see from the nastyclamps accessories below, they have extensions as well as the hot shoe adapters – we received 5 clamps and 2 hot shoe adapters to try out.

Nasty Accessories For Your Nasty Clamps

Nasty Accessories For Your Nasty Clamps

my reaction

These things are great – they're strong and have a strong grip – tho if you're hands aren't strong, you may have trouble opening the clamp – my wife had some difficulty and needed two hands… which is good – meaning these clamps aren't weak and wimpy!

My first reaction to the pricing on the nastyclamp site was that they were a bit steep – but then I thought about the gorillapod that I bought and these are less than 1/2 the price. Maybe I'm just too used to walking into the local hardware store and buying a clamp for small change – but those are nothing like these – they clamp but they don't have the flexible arm and a camera mount!

I have been using them to mount my Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) on my desk to do these some of these unboxing videos and it is much easier to use than the gorillapod for what I'm doing. There are certainly cases where each of them have their strengths.

They seem very capable for mounting just about anywhere and they can definitely hold lights, lamps, and tons of other things that either have a camera mounting thread socket or with the hot shoe adapter, things like lights that are meant to mount there.

Pros and Cons!


  • Strong
  • Flexible
  • clamps tightly to just about anything
  • Cheaper than a gorillapod


  • Won't clamp on to thick poles etc like a gorillapod can
  • somewhat expensive – but again less than 1/2 the price of a gorillapod
  • can't be opened by weaklings without using two hands (that's a joke about my family ha!)

How to enter!

We'll give away 3 nastyclamps to 3 different winners at the end of March 2011.

Entry will be simple – simply post in this special thread on the forum and you're entered! We'll announce the winner on March 31st. Now, one thing about this contest, as shipping over seas isn't cheap, we're going to limit the contest to USA folks – unless you're willing to pay the shipping charges from my house to yours.

You can register to post, but you can also log in with Twitter or Facebook. But once you're in, you'll want to work with others and learn how they're using their equipment. We've got sections for:

We've set up a special thread on the forum for entries into the contest. You MUST post in this thread to be eligible.

We'd prefer that you post something about yourself, or how would use the clamp; you know, something interesting – something more than just a simple ‘I want to win'… but we'll leave it up to you :)

Blogger's Disclaimer: NastyClamps has given me a set of clamps and I'm going to keep 2 and give the rest away in the contest above.

(cover photo credit: snap from the site)

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  1. Just a little point and a personal pet peeve … not all accessory shoes are “hot” shoes. The hot-shoe has electrical contacts that are used to transfer power an/or signals to the accessories mounted in them.

    So, as a professional publication and purveyor of accurate information about cameras and camera equipment, shoe- please leave the “hot” off of the accessory shoe adapter, even if the vendor calls it by this inaccurate name. Call it a cold-shoe if you must have a temperature indication somewhere in the name, or just accessory shoe.

    From Wikipedia:
    Before the 1970s, many cameras had an “accessory shoe” or “cold shoe”, intended to hold flashes that connected electronically via an outboard “PC cable” (not meaning a computer: the term goes back to the synchronization method of the “Prontor/Compur” shutters of the 1930s), or other accessories such as external light meters, special viewfinders, or rangefinders. These earlier accessory shoes were mostly the same U shape, and thus provided the template for the introduction of the hot shoe.

  2. I really like this accessories for filming they give you more options to be more creative.

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