More on the Cinevate Proteus Simplis – interview with Cinevate’s Dennis Woods

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We had a chat with Dennis Woods from Cinevate about the Proteus Simplis rig system they announced the other day (see this post for the info). If you have any interest in knowing more about this new HDSLR rig, I think you'll find your answers in this 30+ minute interview. Of course, it is also available on the planet5D iTunes podcast channel if you want to watch it on the train on the way to work.

Redrock Micro

Our thanks to Dennis for spending the time getting things set up for this interview!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

Zeiss Cinema Lenses


  1. The Proteus Simplis is probably the most important camera support to come out in a long time. This product is especially important to traditional still photographers like me who are now combining motion with most still shoots.

    I don’t want to weigh down my shoot with massive rigs that make my camera look huge. If we wanted that I’d get a proper film camera.

    When I shoot I want to move fast and not break the pace of the shoot. Shoot stills and roll some video. This rig is a great example of what rigs should be for HDSLR’s.

    I’m happy to find a rig I actually want to buy and the starting price is great too.

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