Free HDSLR anti-moire filter for FCP now available

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A new HDSLR anti-moire filter for Final Cut Pro (FCP) has been released! This has been covered on other major blogs, but we thought we should make sure you have seen it. The plugin is showing some good results too – not to mention that it is “free” – tho donations are very much encouraged if you find it of use!

Note: If you'll read the HDSLR news page every day, you'll have already seen this news on Philip Bloom's blog 🙂

Redrock Micro

Here's a note of caution from the plugin author JORGEN ESCHER that it won't fix everything:

“PLEASE READ THE REMARKS SECTION ON THE PLUGIN PAGE ! This plugin is not specifically designed to battle aliasing problems and the resulting moire from regular patterns such as brick walls. I don’t say it won’t work, but there are other and maybe easier and better ways to prevent “roof and wall” moire.”

Demo Video

Description from JORGEN ESCHER

I’ve written such a filter before, as a part of a digital imaging system for testing c-mount lenses, to reduce chromatic abberiation. I’ve now revamped this methodology into a FCP plugin called the “Marvels DSLR Moire Filter”, as a tribute to Martin, who is now in seventh heaven for all day now and as happy as a monkey with seven tails.

I don’t want to bother you with the technical details and point you to my Plugins page (see top menu) to read more (and download) this little gem that i’m pretty pleased with myself.

The plugin is not specifically designed to work with the Canon cameras, but with any other DSLR video camera that uses the line skipping algorithm to reach it’s HD resolution. As far as i know, that’s all of them except for the Panasonic Lumix GH series.

Philip Bloom has a couple of really good example screen captures that might help a bit more to see the value of the plugin – honestly, I had to look hard to see the differences in the video above (maybe because I'm not really trained to look for it in hair).

Other options

In researching this story, I also found this DVXUser post on some physical filters for your HDSLR and they've gotten some good results too. “Caprock Anti-Moire Filters Tested on the 7D

(cover photo credit: snap from the Philip Bloom post)

Zeiss Cinema Lenses

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