Follow up… SmallHD DP6 winner posts photos

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As an update – our winner of the SmallHD DP6 has posted some photos on the planet5D forums (and we're copying a few of them here). We just thought you might like to see how excited Amila is to have this new tool in his tool shed. Again, we were so happy with how the contest for the SmallHD DP6 went and we thank Wes and Reed Phillips and all the folks at SmallHD! If you're in the market for an external monitor, you should check SmallHD first.

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Some pix

You can see all of Amila's photos of his new SmallHD on this thread in the planet5D forums – clicking on any image will also take you there!

Amila C. Kumarasinghe - new SmallHD DP6 Monitor

Amila C. Kumarasinghe - new SmallHD DP6 Monitor

Blogger's Disclaimer: SmallHD is not currently an advertiser nor did planet5D get any compensation for this post – tho we did get lots of new members in the forums thanks to SmallHD offering this contest prize!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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