DitoGear™ Introduces DryEye Lite System to stop lens condensation

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Having trouble with condensation on your lenses? DitoGear (a planet5D sponsor) has this news about their new DryEye Lite System to keep the condensation off of your lenses while working outdoors.

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Here's the PR:

DitoGear™ is proud to introduce the DitoGearDryEye Lite System.

DitoGearDryEye Lite has been designed to prevent dew condensation or freezing of the camera lenses during long-term shooting in humid or low temperature conditions.

The controller is powered using 12V DC and may be connected to the DitoGearOmniSlider power source via Power Splitter or to any other 12V DC power source.
It can control 3 different heaters independently with adjustable heating power. The maximum temperature is around 40°C so it is completely safe for the optics and strong enough to prevent dew condensation or lens freezing.
The more advanced digital controller will be released in the near future. It’s features include the digital interface, automatic dew point calculation and automatic power adjustment to keep the temperature of the optical system at the desired offset above the dew point. The DitoGearDryEye Pro will be released probably by the middle of 2011.

DitoGear™ DryEye Lite

DitoGearDryEye Lite Controller

Introducing DitoGear DryEye System Lite from Dito Gear on Vimeo.

Pricing: Starting from USD 175.00

Order at:ditogear.com/store/products/27-ditogear-dryeye-lite.html

DitoGear™ DryEye Lite heating strip

DitoGearDryEye Lite heating strip

DitoGear™ DryEye Lite System package

DitoGearDryEye Lite System package

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(cover photo credit: snap from the PR images)

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