Converge Festival 2011 announced

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The Converge Festival first appeared in late 2009 and then again in 2010 and this year's event appears to be even better – it will be March 1st and 2nd, 2011 and is being held @ London BFI, Southbank (NFT3).

To buy tickets and find out all of the information, please visit the Converge Festival site

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about Converge (the site)

This a website built by filmmakers for filmmakers. It is a place where ideas and inspiration converge.

Bringing together some of the most talented and opinionated people from the various production industries, you will find on these pages articles written by directors, cinematographers, producers, editors, photographers, 3D artists and more. This website hosts a multitude of voices that we hope you will find informative, inspirational and entertaining.

From production diaries and behind-the-scenes videos to industry news and technical reviews, we bring you the latest from the world of production. Over the coming months we will also be launching web based tutorials and one day workshops in all aspects of production and post production, hosted by many of our guest bloggers.

About the Converge Festival





The HDSLR Movement

The last 2 years have seen a monumental shift within the world of digital image capture. The introduction of DSLRs that can record HD video has had an enormous impact on the photographic, video and film production industries that can be felt at all levels. From the novice wedding photographer to the seasoned Hollywood cinematographer, these cameras have changed the way we work. They have allowed professionals and amateurs alike to unleash their creative vision in a way that was previously only available to those with deep pockets.

We have seen a new way of capturing images, a new way of structuring budgets and a new way of seeing through the lens. Converge has been at the forefront of this movement since the very start, providing a platform to showcase inspirational work that has been created in this medium and to shine a light on those individuals who have lead the field.

Converge was the brainchild of director, Richard Jobson. He teamed up with the Flash Centre, a professional equipment retailer and rental house, who are at the cutting edge of delivering new HDSLR technology in the UK. They supported Richard and many others in their pursuit of shooting moving image with the Canon 5D MkII. Together they hosted a series of events at the British Film Institute, which brought together people from the worlds of film, photography and journalism, to celebrate the HDSLR movement and some of the outstanding work that was being created with these cameras.

This is Richard has to say about convergence:

“Convergence is now the hot term in new HDSLR technology. The first Converge festival at the National Film theatre on London’s South Bank was one of the most exciting events of the past couple of years. It mixed beautiful images created by the likes of Philip Bloom with cutting edge documentary work from Danfung Dennis and my own radical approach to the subject of Sex Trafficking in The Journey. The sense that something new was happening and that Photographers and Film Makers were irreverently blurring the lines between what they were supposed to do and what was expected of them. The general feeling was that these small cameras which could provide such an amazing end image at such a low cost had empowered a new movement to achieve extraordinary results.

Looks like a great event! Anyone want to pay me to fly over there to cover it? LOL!

(cover photo credit: snap from the site)

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