Cinevate announces new HDSLR rig – the Cinevate Simplis

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Cinevate announced a new HDSLR rig called the Cinevate Simplis that appears to be light and compact but yet also has several configuration options – including a mount for their Cyclops viewfinder, grips, rails kit, shoulder mount as well as counterbalance. This could be an interesting rig!

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Cinevate Simplis info

The Proteus Simplis DSLR Rig is the solution for anyone needing a lightweight, “run and gun” support rig. Incorporating a revolutionary system that allows a filmmaker the unique ability to customize and scale their rig as desired, Simplis is ideal for any filmmaker seeking a versatile, modular and upgradeable DSLR Support System.

Simplis Solo – DSLR Rig includes:

  • Simplis Quick Release Plate
  • Articulating ¼-20 Hand Grip
  • Shoulder Stock
  • 3 lengths of Shoulder Stock Rods
cinevate simplis rig with Canon and cyclops

cinevate simplis rig with Canon and cyclops

Cinevate promo video

Cinevate's Simplis DSLR Rig from Cinevate on Vimeo.

Introducing the Proteus Simplis DSLR Rig. This rig embodies simplicity and scaleability. At it's core it is the foundation for countless, customized DSLR rig configurations.

It is the dslr rig that covers the complete spectrum of shooting styles and skill levels.

For more info visit​simplis

This piece was shot/edited by our good friends at Imaginarium Studio.

(cover photo credit: snap from the Cinevate Simplis site)

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