Cineroid demos the new Cineroid EVF!

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Cineroid has an HDSLR electronic viewfinder (EVF) and we haven't talked about it yet here on planet5D (tho we've been planning on it) and yesterday, Rio Tattersall (Gale Tattersall's (DP of HOUSE) brother) sent us this video that they filmed at Gale's recent HDSLR training class where Cineroid stopped in to demo their EVF.

Redrock Micro

HD DSLR Workshops Hosts Joseph From Cineroid, Talking About Their New Cineroid Electronic Viewfinder from Gale Tattersall on Vimeo.

Joseph from Cineroid stops by to show off their new electronic viewfinder (EVF). It's a great new device that Cineroid has gotten to market before everyone else which will set the standard by which all competitors will be judged.

We'll be bringing you more on this EVF and many others in the coming months – these are heating up in the HDSLR market.

Cineroid EVF – HD DSLR Workshops with Gale Tattersall

Cineroid EVF Specs – courtesy HD DSLR Workshops with Gale Tattersall

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Can’t wait for the Zacuto and Redrock EVF’s to make it out. I think the Cineroid is going be tough to beat but since I got a Z Finder my money is going to Zacuto.

  2. Turn off Image Stabilization next time you make a video on a tripod with the internal mic. The noise is driving me nuts.

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