Real Estate Agents trying to sell homes? Another example of how the HDSLR revolution is not only not over but still gaining traction – this Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) video helped sell a million dollar home – plus, it was featured in the online version of USA Today. We’ve seen several examples of Real Estate agents using HDSLRs to improve their chances to sell a home.

Redrock Micro

The Video

(it does start with a USA today advertisement sorry)

The USA Today story

Here’s a bit of the USA Today story:

This cinematic quality video helped sell a home in Seattle’s trendy Magnolia neighborhood this week for $1 million to an out-of-state buyer — who never physically visited the property.

This may look like it was produced by a full film crew using a truck load of gear to get the lighting just so on what already was a picture perfect day in the Emerald City. Not so. It is actually the work of one person, Josh Phoenix, a do-it-yourself digital craftsman using pro-sumer tools anyone can buy.

It is a bit disappointing that the USA Today story doesn’t go into more detail about the equipment used – might be good to see what he used eh?

Is there a better tool for the Real Estate agent than the Canon EOS 5D that can shoot both stills and video? Show me one!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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