Canon EOS 5D Mark II video helps sell million dollar home

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Real Estate Agents trying to sell homes? Another example of how the HDSLR revolution is not only not over but still gaining traction – this Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) video helped sell a million dollar home – plus, it was featured in the online version of USA Today. We've seen several examples of Real Estate agents using HDSLRs to improve their chances to sell a home.

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The Video

(it does start with a USA today advertisement sorry)

The USA Today story

Here's a bit of the USA Today story:

This cinematic quality video helped sell a home in Seattle's trendy Magnolia neighborhood this week for $1 million to an out-of-state buyer — who never physically visited the property.

This may look like it was produced by a full film crew using a truck load of gear to get the lighting just so on what already was a picture perfect day in the Emerald City. Not so. It is actually the work of one person, Josh Phoenix, a do-it-yourself digital craftsman using pro-sumer tools anyone can buy.

It is a bit disappointing that the USA Today story doesn't go into more detail about the equipment used – might be good to see what he used eh?

Is there a better tool for the Real Estate agent than the Canon EOS 5D that can shoot both stills and video? Show me one!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. This is old news – video has been used to sell real estate for a number of years. I have shot thousands of real estate videos AND stills since 2005 for Realtors, and have been using the Canon 5D Mark II since it came out. It’s the perfect camera for something like that where you need quality, wide angle stills AND great low light capabilities – all in one camera! I fly the 5D on a Merlin Steadicam.

    1. Author

      Yup – I know video has been used for years in real estate – sometimes old news is good news :)

      (and sometimes it takes me a while to get caught up with news – maybe not years I hope LOL!)

  2. Good article but hate the subscription pop-up every time I come here. It helps keep me away.

  3. I wonder if the pianist George Winston received his royalty payment for the song they used in the video? Probably not.

  4. I like the variety of posts you have Mitch. Nice reminder on another avenue of use for the 5D. Thanks.

  5. There are some really fast cuts, and too fast slider moves where you can barely see what going on, then it cuts. This guy should not have shot mid day with over exposure in nearly every shot, but it’s not horrible I guess.

  6. Reviving something old with something new is always great in this market. I’ve been asked to shoot many house/estate photos but it’s nice to know that people are using currently technology to do so.

  7. Canon’s are a HUGE part of our business. I run the marketing department at a boutique real estate firm just outside of Nashville and these cameras have helped us innovate our business exponentially. We started with the T1i and have since upgraded to the 7D with lots of bells and whistles and now use the T1i as a B-cam for wide shots on multicam videos (soon upgrading to a T3i or 60D). The 7D is perfect for quickly moving from my film setup to a photography setup quickly. With the addition of some Zacuto kit I don’t even have to rekit anymore, just unlock the Gorilla plate from the video tripod QR and attach it to the photo tripod (both using Zuds) or throw it on the gunstock and go mobile. I can’t imagine life before these cameras and accessories now. The image quality and ease is astounding!

  8. @Fred Light Could you please share your settings on the Canon 5d Mark II as well as any other equipment / post production software you use? Thank you!

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