A Verse Before Dying-The first short film from the Panasonic AF100

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This is one of the first short films from the Panasonic AF100 – “A Verse Before Dying” was sent to us by Timur Civan (remember him from the video shot with the 102 year old lens which he also shot some stills) who has been working with the Panasonic AF100.

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Timur's description

After a month of work and testing, the fruits of all our labor is done! Incredibly quickly i'd like to add….

Now you can enjoy the whole film, and see a lot of the lighting setups that i made for the various scenes. Lets examine the cabin sequence.

A Verse Before Dying

“A Verse Before Dying” from Proof, Inc. on Vimeo.

More description

Set in the 1850s Texas borderlands, the film tells the story of an orphaned boy, the Priest who looks after him, and the menacing stranger from the Priest's past who comes to town looking to settle an old score.

Acolito: Emilio Gonzales
Priest: Robert Lambert
Stranger: Ben Wolfe
Alma: Tori Jimenez
Bartender: Darwin Miller

Barry “Alamo Bill” Chinn
David “Dragon Hill Dave” Donaldson, Jr.

Associate Producer: Joanne Mick
Gaffer: Marcel Rodriguez
1st A.C.: Taylor Rudd
Kicker of Ass: Matt Gottshalk
Key Grip: Brandon Boggs
Grip/Stunt Coordinator: Louis Moncivias
Steadicam: Mikko Wilson
Production Sound: Matt Gettemeier
Script Supervisor: Drew Ott
P.A./Art Department: Cherdon Bedford
P.A./Flagger: Melvin Harris
Wardrobe Stylist : Stephanie Fraide
Make-Up Effects: Christopher Payne
BTS Video: Justin Netti
Helicopter Pilot: Steve Bush
Helicopter Cam-Op: Jonny Carroll
Colorist: Oscar Oboza
Sound Design/Mixing: Philip Menchaca

Music: Justin Netti

Additional Music / Licensing: 615 Music
A Division of Warner/Chappell Music
Licensing Agent: Matt Fisher

Special Thanks To…
Panasonic USA
GEAR Rental, Inc.
Kessler Crane
RedRock Micro

Notes: “A Verse Before Dying” is the first narrative short film shot on the new Panasonic AF-100 Digital Cinema Camera. The film was shot on location in Dripping Springs, Texas. For additional information, behind-the-scenes photos and more, go to dvxuser.com/​V6/​showthread.php?230414-quot-A-Verse-Before-Dying-quot-A-Borderlands-Spaghetti-Western


So, what do you think?

p.s. my apologies to Timur for taking so long to finish this post – he published the film several weeks ago!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. rubbish film, rubbish acting and the camera doesn’t look great, maybe its a rubbish grade?

    just my honest professional opinion.

    love and kisses,


  2. Not impressed, every kid with a DSLR can do the same or better, these so called films are starting to run together. I wish these weekend film wanna bees would come up with something original for a change, YAAWWNNNing

  3. I was going to buy the AF100’s this Video changed my mind, When I want it to look like film I will Shoot it on Film, to many flaws to deal with if you are doing a high end production, I guess this guy has a rich uncle,Time is money why waste it using a cheap prosumer camera.

    1. GS a lot of talk for a nobody. get a pair of glasses and watch the Video again, there is no such thing as a free lunch, garbage in gets you garbage out. Fact.

      1. I’m not claiming to be an expert, talking trash and not showing my own work to back it up. You can either see my work by google search or simply click on my name to see a condensed portfolio of work.

        All I’m saying is that its both old and pointless to come talk trash like you’re an expert on good filmmaking. This short might not be Oscar worthy but they are doing something and are posting it.

  4. First of all its Not a Film, its a video, 2nd the Idea has been over done, The more people cheapen the Film industry with these prosumer cameras, the harder it will be for serious Film makers to get their work looked at,

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