A couple of GH2 items – movies from 40fps burst mode and picture style comparisons

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The Panasonic GH2 has a lot of fans and we want to try to keep up with some of the GH2 news, but that's hard with everything going on in the HDSLR world! We've found a couple of GH2 things you might be interested in…

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First, an interesting idea – making a movie from stills shot on the GH2 in ‘burst mode' – granted you can only get one and 2/3 seconds of film out of it, but the author of the video below claims it gives some depth in the video not seen in the GH2 video files shot at 1080. I downloaded the full size video as recommended and can't see that much difference.

GH2 40fps burst mode: 3.8m jpeg vs 1080 jpeg vs AVCHD (1080). from Cosimo Bullo on Vimeo.

NOTE: Please don't bother watching this with the vimeo codec. Download the h264 at 1080.

I've loved so many things about the GH2. The detail of the image, the really groundbreaking crop-mode, the cinema preset. But one thing we haven't been as crazy about is the codec. It's good but leaves something to be desired in certain kinds of environments, particularly shadows.

I'd heard about the 40fps burst mode but hadn't seen many examples of people putting it to use, so we decided to do some tests.

Obviously 40 frames is not much to work with. In a 24fps timeline, it's about 1 2/3 seconds of footage.

But, wow, does the result look nice to us, especially in the shadows. So, will some enterprising colleague find a way to allow for a longer burst? Panasonic, what's the story, can you give us a few seconds more?

Second, here's a video comparing the video result for a couple of different picture styles.

GH2 – cinema vs nostalgic in real life from Uwe Lansing on Vimeo.

All settings are the same in both modes. Some high contrast shots (sunshine) I´m gonna add soon…

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Second part: www.vimeo.com/18997478

What do you think?

Anyone out there with a GH2 wanting to do a review? Contact me please.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. This is a very encouraging article. I have just stumbled upon this site, and am just beginning to consider the video capabilities of my current micro 4/3 cameras. GH2 looks very, very intriguing. Thanks for the article.

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