The Shane Hurlbut planet5D HDSLR podcast is online!

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Sorry for the delay but finally the Shane Hurlbut planet5D HDSLR podcast is online! Shane and I and everyone in the chat room ended up talking so long last night the file was bigger than the hosting service allowed so we ended up splitting it into two pieces. Shane was gracious enough to spend almost 2 hours talking with us and all of the many listeners who asked a ton of great questions in the chat room!

They are also available on the planet5D iTunes podcast channel!

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Talking with Shane is always amazing and we covered some really interesting subjects in this interview. You'll get a lot out of this replay, but you're missing out because you're not able to ask questions! If you watch this, you'll see that almost all of the questions that Shane answered were not asked by me, but asked by the folks in the chat room… so if you're ever able to join in one of our live interviews then you do get to participate and ask questions of our guests.

Here's part 1:

Note: In this video – I mentioned a presentation Shane did with Jacob and Adobe – you can find the presentation information in this blog post from a few weeks ago.


Here's part 2:

Thanks to Shane!

We want to thank Shane and his team for helping get this whole thing together!

And don't forget the “Where's the 5D?” contest we posted earlier today that the Hurlbut Visuals team is hosting.

(cover photo credit: snap from planet5D)

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  1. Shane is very motivating person, We all will get crazy when a Canon HDSLR without Moire will be released.
    Thank you Mitch , hope this interviews are more frequent.

  2. Great interview… Thanks Mitch for putting it all together… keep up the FANTASTIC WORK and Shane you are a DEAD SET LEGEND… for giving your time and most importantly KNOWLEDGE so Freely… Cheers

  3. At around minute 20 of the first part you (mitch) said something about a link to Shane talking about cs5, whats the link??

    1. Yeah man. And there are also many (myself included) who choose not to use the internet. Can you possibly send this video to me over my landline? Not having this solution is remiss, IMO.

  4. Flash refuses to play from – confirmed with IE and Google Chrome – had to resort to using the m4v file format on to get anything to play. Could even get the html5 player to work.

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