the HDSLR song!

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    We get all kinds of submissions, but this is a first – the first HDSLR song by Cosmin and Alex Serban. Don't know if this will cause a storm of new ideas and submissions… maybe there should be an HDSLR song contest? HA! Thought it was enough fun to show you – maybe it will challenge you or give you an idea.

    Redrock Micro

    DSLR song from alex serban on Vimeo.

    Music by Cosmin Serban
    Video by Alex Serban
    Lyrics by Cosmin & Alex Serban
    Editing by Cosmin & Alex Serban​alexserban/​docs/​dslr-song-lyrics

    So… when are you gonna write a DSLR song? I dare ya!

    (cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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