Shane Hurlbut – planet5D live interview coming on January 17th

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Y'all know that we're big fans of Shane Hurlbut (just look at all the planet5D posts we've done) – he's a very dynamic proponent of HDSLR usage – and we're going to be doing a live interview – where you get to ask questions – on Monday January 17th at 9pm EST in our planet5D live UStream channel. We'll record the interview of course and it will be available shortly afterward in the planet5D podcast on iTunes.

Note: Shane's schedule is fluctuating and we've set this date and time, but there is the possibility that we might have to reschedule (tho this date looks firm right now)… just thought you should be aware that there's a chance we'll move this. Any updates will of course be posted on the blog.

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planet5D live interview with Shane Hurlbut

Monday January 17th, 9PM EST (01:00 GMT Tuesday)

Shane and all of you will be chatting on planet5D live starting at 9pm EST. Don't miss out!

For those of you needing a little help converting to or from GMT for your time zone, use this GMT conversion site to help


Who is Shane Hurlbut?

Well, Shane is someone I met at the first PhotoCine EXPO (then called the Collision Conference) – and he's been using HDSLRs ever since – and is a very dynamic speaker. Every time I hear him talk, I walk away excited.

You should go back and listen to this presentation he did a month or so ago:

Shane Hurlbut and Jacob Rosenberg discuss HDSLR feature filmmaking with Adobe

Go ahead, we'll wait… it is well worth the hour if you're making movies with HDSLRs

Shane also was the DP on “The last three minutes” short – which looks amazing up on the big movie screen.

So, don't waste time – mark this on your calendar NOW before you forget – Monday January 17th at 9pm EST – just visit planet5D live for the interview!

(Photo credit: snap from planetMitch)

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