Rumor: Canon EOS 5D Mark III not until later in 2011?

by planetmitch2 Comments is reporting today that they're hearing that the Canon EOS 5D Mark III – there are 3 “i”s there – won't be coming until later in the year and a Canon EOS 1D mark V won't be until after that.

Redrock Micro report

Read the full report which includes some lens updates

5D Mark III
Some more clarification about the upcoming 5D Mark III. It will be moving a bit more high end with an improved 7D AF system. Expect it November/December 2011.

1D Mark V
The next version will be moving into the 1Ds territory as the new high end digital SLR. Expect it to be fullframe by the sounds of it. Late 2011/early 2012. No specs finalized yet.”


What does this mean?

Well, without being inside the minds of Canon, it is hard to know. We've heard rumors that the 5D3 might be out early – as early as March or April of this year. But, to be realistic, Canon has been on about a 3 year product cycle with new 5D models (and other models as well) so an announcement around September would match the previous 3 year cycle (the 5D2 was announced in Sept 2008).

Many people have gotten excited about the possibility of getting the 5D3 early – so this could be a disappointment if it is true (and with rumors, it is sure hard to know).

We'll keep our eyes on the story and let you know of other updates.

As always, you can discuss this story over on the planet5D forums in this 5D3 rumor thread.

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  1. Canon has been f…g the public since the $7500 eos 1 dsll. that camera sucked and Nikon became king. never a canon piece of junk again.

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