planet5D now on iTunes as a podcast!

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Yes! planet5D is on iTunes as a podcast! As planet5D is growing, we're learning to reach out to other areas of the web and since we're already doing live interviews and need a way for people to see them after they're recorded, we decided to post them as iTunes podcasts.

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The planet5D iTunes page

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We'll continue to do the live broadcasts on UStream but after they're done, we'll post the archives to iTunes. We're also going to use the planet5D channel because it is a great podcast publishing resource. UStream is good for recording, but they don't publish well after the fact. With, we can publish to places like iTunes and Facebook all at once.

As we start 2011, we're so happy everyone is enjoying planet5D and now you can take us with you on your commute or where ever you use those portable media devices to watch/listen to podcasts. It is exciting to be online on iTunes!

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  1. Fantastic….I was just thinking the other day that I wish some more people would do HDSLR podcast. You’re going to post the audio only versions too right?

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