planet5D exclusive update on the 4k Canon Rebel T2i/550D software We’ve all been RickRoll’d

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We've been investigating the firmware we reported on Thursday and have been granted this exclusive additional information. We've been given nothing to prove that this software is real yet, so we're posting this just as it was given to us – and we've been told that 11:11pm EST is still the time where the software will be released. “URL will be available at 11:11. There will be a link in the youtube video that will go up at 11:11.” If this is real, then we got a great scoop – if it isn't, well.. let's not go there.

UPDATE: We've all been had – here's the video they just posted:


Ok, we were scammed – we admit it. We've removed the video so they don't get any more hits from us. We left this post online to let people know it was a hoax. We also removed the “exclusive” information that originally was below.

Lesson learned. From now on, before reporting stuff like this, we'll get a copy of the software in hand.

Running a blog that reports news is difficult to learn your way around. Hindsight shows it was the wrong thing to do – they played us all. But in looking at what news media does, they report “breaking stories” – reporting on something that is developing before they know all the facts.

Let's admit it – blogs live on traffic. We're paid by advertisers for views on their ads and we need to have stories to report. There's also competition between blogs to be the “first to report” or “exclusive” info. These guys played me on that one. I asked for exclusive and they gave it to me. Tho I almost didn't report it because I was still incredibly skeptical, but I went with my urge to have something nobody else had. And got burned.

I'll use this as a lesson going forward. That's how we learn – we make mistakes. If we don't learn, that's when we really fail.

Thanks for your patience with planet5D and the other blogs who reported this as we learn from our mistakes. We'll continue to bring you the best HDSLR news and information on the planet, but we'll be just a bit more cautious about it.

Everything deleted


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    1. Author

      I don’t know if it is the most famous, but this was a good one. My gut said fake, but I went with the “exclusive” greed… They got me!

  1. What I don’t get about this is why they chose to execute this hoax in such a public way – the user’s youtube account has all sorts of personal stuff on it too – why?

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  3. No worries Mitch. You reported on this like anyone else would in your shoes, and you even voiced your concern that it could be a fake.

    The thing I couldn’t get past was that they said it could record 2k for a limited time. The cameras already do 2k for the most part, so that right there was the clincher for me.

  4. No worries Mitch! Planet5D tules and it ain’t a few sad people that are going to spoil that!!!!!

    Keep rockin’ !!!!!

    T ; )~

  5. Well..this hoax points to a larger issue..Let’s face it…the HDSLR scene is running out of steam. That this got
    such response shows how much people want
    something better. 2011 may finally be the year of Red.
    Looking like HDSLRs had their day.

    1. Author

      Sammy, I’ll totally disagree with you here… tho I agree people want more, there was such excitement over this I cannot agree that the HDSLRs have ‘had their day’

    2. I think the hoax mainly exposed the issues remarked in the blog post. There were too many warning signs, but bloggers tripped over each other to report on it because they’re so desperate for excitement and traffic.

      There are other offerings that offer large sensor video, particularly the AF-100 and PMW-F3. While those don’t record any higher than 1080p, what it’s showing is that most SLR shooters don’t really want to or can’t pay more for better usability, they wanted quality video without too much extra expense.

      Scarlet has been delayed at least twice, changed form factor at least once, now has a new name and priced at 4x the initially teased price, it’s hard to see how 2011 will be the year of Red. It’s probably not going to bite much into the SLR video market except at the very high end.

  6. Aw, come on, who needs 4k for 6 secs anyway? It was fun for a minute. I don’t blame Planet 5D for trying to get the scoop on it! Besides, if the best camera you’re rockin’ is a T2i, like me, you’re probably not gonna shooting Avatar 2 this week!

  7. True…all it would take would be someone to come out with
    a great feature to generate some excitement.

    But from the equipment standpoint it seems like Canon doesn’t get at all what they started. And unless you know how
    to nurture the sprout it eventually dies out. Canon should be
    generating some buzz with camera..sensor..lens..
    announcements and not this “hoax”.

    1. Author

      Sammy – Canon just came out with the 60D in Sept and a bunch of new lenses (which still aren’t available yet)… they can’t crank out new cameras every 3 months 🙂

      We’re all waiting to see what the next Canon HDSLR will be – 5d3 or something else? I know Canon is listening to users, the question is how fast can they incorporate what the users want?

  8. Hdslr’s havnt ”had their day”,right tool for the right job,even a hammer needs to be gripped the right way to be efficient,and sometimes you just have to use the one you have.
    I believe Canon will have something in the works.
    I got scammed at a new years party the other night,after four black Russians,my mind swore to me the lovely lady i met the other nite was the one i was waiting for,but no,it was just a firmware hack planted by the Kahlua company,so you’re in good company,happy new year by the way fellow shooters,im off to download the ”new years promise resolution” firmware! peace to you all….except Kahlua!!!

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  10. At first I had my doubts but with the 4k 6 sec limits, I knew it was a scam.

    Still, the guy is an idiot for scamming people in such a public way. It is not like we wont be able to know who he is…

  11. Hey Mitch,

    I am a journalist in Brazil and I know how it is to have the information first… As I understand, you didn´t do anything wrong and reported it the way you should.

    Next time you have an information like that, don´t be afraid of telling us, taking the caution to say that you haven´t seen or tested and it may be untrue.

    What we do in the newspaper here is to use “according to” “supposedly” and other terms to let people know it hasn´t been proved. (It worked for me in some pedophilia investigation cases… no lawsuits so far).

    Other than that, just keep up the good work in bringing the latest news on the HDSLR world.


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