Philip Bloom to be planet5D HDSLR chat special guest January 10

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Everyone knows who Philip Bloom is, but not everyone knows about the planet5D HDSLR chat room… well, we're very excited that Philip will be our planet5D chat special guest! So, set your calendars for Monday January 10th at 4pm EST (21:00 GMT) and plan to spend a couple of hours with Philip Bloom. And, if you read our earlier post, you can now sign in with Twitter or Facebook!

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planet5D chat with Philip Bloom

Monday January 10th, 21:00 GMT (4PM EST)

Philip and all of you will be chatting on in the planet5D chat room starting at 4pm EST. Don't miss out!

For those of you needing a little help converting to or from GMT for your time zone, use this GMT conversion site to help

Note the special time – we're using the “European chat” time slot because Philip is in the UK.


The HDSLR chat room

The HDSLR chat room is open 24hrs a day so come by any time. But there are three times scheduled for chats on Mondays: 2 hour scheduled chats – OZ&Japan 10:00GMT … Europe 21:00GMT … USA 8:00pm ET (01:00 GMT Tuesday)

At this time, our chat room is set up to hold only 50 people – and quite frankly, many more than that becomes crazy when everyone is posting at the same time. So, we're going to keep that limit on and see how it works. That may mean some folks don't get to join so please get there early.

We'll have some special rules in place as well to try to limit the craziness that is likely because the room will be so full. Those will be posted in the room.

So, with that said, please come with a question or two for Philip Bloom and join us any time in the HDSLR chat room!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. I dont get what the deal is with this guy? I’ve seen his stuff and don’t get it. He makes musical montages and calls them short films.

    1. Josh The Deal With Philip Bloom is,
      He is a hell of a nice guy, and a Highly Respected DP.

      A better question is why are you so envies of him that it would
      make you want to be disrespectful?

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