Okii – USB Follow Focus Controller released!

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The 5D Mark II Team has sent us a special announcement that the USB Follow Focus unit we previewed earlier has been officially announced by the manufacturer Okii – and the 5D Mark II Team has a special section of their site set up with additional information as well as a discount code for $50 off the $400 unit.

You can also see more about this unit on the OKII USB Follow Focus page.

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From the 5D Mark II Team

This is the first USB Follow Focus controller in the world compatible with Canon HDSLR cameras. And it has not only the capability to control focus, but a VERY BIG set of additional features that makes it really useful for filmmaking and photography purposes.

As already mentioned in this article, we were invited by the manufacturer to participate on the process of beta-testing this device.

Our testing process took 2 months on which we thoroughly tested the controller, giving feedback, reports, ideas and suggestions to the manufacturer. Please note that we are NOT the designers nor manufacturer of this controller.


More 5D Mark II Team info

5D Mark II Team has a special section of their site which has this additional info – but believe me, there's a TON more info on their page!

This small controller has a very BIG potential. It can be used for Filmmaking and Photography purposes, making it very versatile.

It may take a couple of hours to learn how to use the controller's functions. And that IS important. But once you understand how it works, you start getting the benefits and liking this small device a lot. After some practice you don't even need to see the buttons.

With this controller you can do LOT of things that otherwise are hard or even impossible. For instance:

– You want to shoot a scene where the camera is mounted on a hard to reach place or support (a car support, for instance) . You can use your external monitor connected to the camera to see the scene, and at the same time control the most important functions via the Okii controller. Nice!

– You can save 4 focus points, and do a Rack Focus operation through all of them (this feature is available on certain lens only, please check the information above).

– Of course, you can also use the knob to change focus manually, even while recording.

– This controller is also great for Photography. Any situation where not touching the camera or lens is required or convenient (like macro photography, remote photography or when using long telephoto lenses) will take advantage of this great device.

SUMMARIZING: this is a GREAT controller, you need to learn the proper operation and configuration to take full advantage of its capabilities. We highly recommend it.


There are more samples on the 5D Mark II Team pages.

Rack Focus Test 3 – Okii USB Follow Focus Controller from 5D Mark II TEAM on Vimeo.

Short Test (not a professional video!) to show a simple Rack Focus operation using the Okii USB Follow Focus controller.

This is the Original untouched file, recorded by the camera and uploaded here. Not edited nor converted at all. (original file available for download)

After adjusting the controller and saving the focus points (3 in this test), Start/Stop Video Recording button was pressed and then the Rack Focus operation was done by pressing buttons: Focus Point #1, #2 and #3.

The focus change occurs immediately after pressing the Focus Point button. I simply waited a bit between pressing focus points.

Of course, this process can also be manually done by moving the knob, but I wanted it to be automatic, pressing saved focus points.

SETUP: Canon EOS 5D Mark II + Canon EF 24-70 2.8L USM at 70mm

NOTE: Good Canon primes seem to work much faster than zoom lenses.

24p, 1/50, f/3.5, ISO 500, WB: 5300K

Picture Style:
Neutral, Sharpness: 0 (lowest), Contrast: -4 (lowest), Saturation: 0 (middle), Color tone: 0 (middle)

Sound: Disabled.

“Medium” Step size, 11 commands per second.

** ORIGINAL Full HD video untouched file available for download for 1 week (Vimeo's limitation)

** For more details check: 5D Mark II Team blog

Thanks for watching!

Our special thanks go to the 5D Mark II Team for sending us this special info!

(cover photo credit: snap from the Okii Follow Focus Controller page)

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  1. Does anyone know if the rate can be modified on how fast/slow the focus is racked from one point to another? Or is it a constant/fixed speed?

  2. 3 settings – Small/Medium/Large

    There are limitations to what the camera can accept command wise. Medium is usually the most effective, I keep mine on that for all of my lenses. I use my Canon 17-55 the most and I can go from MFD to Infinity in about 2-3 seconds and 180-360 degree rotation.

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