New RØDE VideoMic Pro announced – update 3

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A quick post about the new RØDE VideoMic Pro – was just announced over on Philip Bloom's blog – read about it now. We're trying not to duplicate news from other sources as you can read all of the news on the HDSLR news page – but we thought this was significant! And, this is awesome because the one thing that I didn't like about the old Rode Video Mic was that it stuck out the back of the camera. This is great news.

Update: only place I've found it online yet is B&H – tho they've just barely got a listing. They show price as $229.

Update 2: Found the DVeSTORE has a listing for the Pro mic – also showing $229 and “Expected release date is 31st Jan 2011”

Update 3: The DVeSTORE has posted a video they've shot with the new Pro mic. Unfortunately we can't embed it so you'll have to visit the page to view it

Redrock Micro

rode video mic pro back

rode video mic pro back

Demo video from the RØDE site:

VideoMic Pro from RØDE Microphones on Vimeo.


RØDE Microphones - Introducing the VideoMic Pro

RØDE Microphones - Introducing the VideoMic Pro

(Photo credit: snap from the RØDE site)

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  1. the original has been a fantastic mic, i have several. the -20 switch gives me the 5dm2 proper level, good directional sound. i presume this is the same mic roughly with a more conveniently located switch and mounting. i used mine for broadcast tv news reports for a year, getting my sound bites with it. cons: very plastic mounting where it attaches to rig, very prone to breaking. this breaks easily, and should be metal. gives me sound comparable to my AT shotgun from my old bigrig dsr400 setup. actually works great in auto for nat sound acquisition, causing no pumping problems when you use the -20 switch.

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