New planet5D sponsor Alan Gordon – announces DVTec Extreme Deluxe HDSLR shoulder rigs

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We'd like to announce a new sponsor to the planet5D family – Alan Gordon Enterprises Inc., who will have ads over on our planet5D cinema and planet5D review sites! And, to go along with that announcement, we'd like you to know about their DVTec Extreme Deluxe: Shoulder Rigs for HDSLR Cameras.

From their about page:

Alan Gordon Enterprises, Inc. is one of the most complete Motion Picture and Video Support Equipment, Rental and Sales facilities. We are located in the heart of Hollywood, California at 5625 Melrose Ave., one block west of Paramount Studios.”

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DVTec Extreme Deluxe: Shoulder Rigs for HDSLR Cameras

Alan Gordon Enterprises (planet5D sponsor) have HDSLR shoulder rigs you might be interested in and they are comfortable on both the body and the wallet.

The DVTec Extreme Deluxe Shoulder Support Rig is an ideal support solution for all your HD-SLR needs. This system offers the most rugged and stable shoulder support on the market. You can attach a Canon 5D or 7D and similar HD-SLR, DV & HDV cameras along with a variety of accessories such as a follow focus, matte box, battery pack, lights and a microphone. The added telescoping support rod allows for shock-absorption and reduces arm fatigue.

The “Extreme” is highly configurable for a variety of shooting styles. It is a complete system that is designed around the standard 15 mm aluminum rods for follow focus and matte box units. The body has 2 axis points which can be adjusted to accommodate an individual's eye level with the viewfinders and view screens and providing comfortable positioning of the arms while holding the unit.

The hand grips can be positioned to suit your style of shooting. They are made from a tough foam material that is for durability as well as comfort. The shoulder portion comes equipped with a mounting tray for mounting a variety of accessories such as audio adapters, video adapters or battery packs.

A Quick Release plate is included to easily remove the camera and the handles have shoe mounts for the easy attachment of monitors and lights.

The concern over the weight factor of piling so much onto a shoulder mount such as this is resolved with the use of the telescoping rod (also included) that attaches to the waist belt and extends up to the underneath side of the front of the unit between the hand-grips. The rod has 2 extension points from which to adjust the length of the rod. With the use of the spring action extensions the rod also provides shock-absorption. It also reduces the arm fatigue an individual would experience from holding the unit with an excess amount of accessories over a long duration of time. You can even let go of the support rig when not in use and the telescoping rod holds it in place while you rest your arms.

Alan Gordon DVTec Extreme Deluxe full

Alan Gordon DVTec Extreme Deluxe


Alan Gordon DVTec Extreme Deluxe

Alan Gordon DVTec Extreme Deluxe

Alan Gordon is a U.S. distributor for DVTec and we offer the “Extreme Deluxe” for rent and for purchase.

Our Rental Day Rate for the “Extreme Deluxe” is only $60 a day and includes the following:

DVTec Extreme Unit
QR Base & Plate (357) wide
Shoulder Brace with Rear Accessory Tray
Tripod Rig System *Bat Extensions)
Hand Grips
Padded Support Belt & Telescoping Rod
Back Balance weight
Follow Focus System


Our Purchase Price starts at $699 and includes the following:

Shoulder Brace with Rear Accessory Tray
Tripod Rig System (Bar Extensions)
Hand Grips
QR Base & Plate (357) wide
Padded Support Belt & Telescoping Rod
Back Balance Weight

Also available is a specially priced combo package of $1,125 that includes:

Everything listed above, as well as a follow focus system with 2 lens rings

If interested in learning more about this product contact

Alan Gordon Enterprises
323.466.3561 or email us:

Alan Gordon Enterprises has served the motion picture industry for 60 years. Although we rent and sell a wide variety of film equipment and accessories our overall goal is to aid the everyday filmmaker in achieving their dream. We provide in-house repair and maintenance services and manufacture specialized products that could better serve the industry. Most notably is our award winning Mark Vb viewfinder. Additionally, we offer Training Workshops for Glidecam Industries and provide discounts to all film students. Our staff is knowledgeable, curtious, fun and most importantly, very resourceful. We cater to everyone from the experienced filmmaker to the beginning filmmaker.

Alan Gordon DVTec Extreme Deluxe

Alan Gordon DVTec Extreme Deluxe

So, we welcome Alan Gordon to our HDSLR community! If you're in the Los Angeles area or if you want to order something, please stop by and tell them planet5D sent ya.

(Photo credit: snap from the Alan Gordon PR)

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