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This is a big deal to me, maybe not such a big deal overall, but we've been working with planet5D friend Marcelo Daniel Savio (blog translated to english) to put together a new introduction graphic for the planet5D podcasts (yes, I know the old graphic was horrible).

Redrock Micro

This was the demo that Marcelo put together (it says ‘wiki' in the video still image, but that's not in the final version)

Planet 5D from mdsavio on Vimeo.


Who is Marcelo Daniel Savio

Well, as you can see from Marcelo Daniel Savio's blog (in Spanish), that he's posting about HDSLR and video stuff for his readers in Spain. He's got some tutorials and news items helping those who are Spanish speakers learn more about HDSLRs and shooting movies. He is a visual effects compositor and a motion graphic designer. And as you can see from the new podcast intro, he's darn good at motion graphics.

So if you need some motion graphic work done, have a chat with Marcelo Daniel Savio!

Marcelo – thank you so much for your work on the new graphics!

Now, isn't that much better than the lousy static image we had before? I know it is!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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