New Hurlbut Visuals contest – “Where’s the 5D?”

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Yesterday in the planet5D live interview (which will be online later today as a planet5D podcast), Shane Hurlbut announced a new contest called “Where's the 5D?” and the object is for you to identify which Canon HDSLR shot each scene of the new Marines commercial “For Us All”.

Redrock Micro

The contest

See if you can figure out which is the 5D, 7D and 1D footage and which is the film footage below. Give us a break down shot by shot using the form (on the Hurlbut blog) (there are 28 frames total). The most accurate entries will be named winners. First place wins Adobe CS5 Production Premium. Contest entries will be accepted up until Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 11:59pm.

Of course, to enter, you must go to the HurlbutVisuals blog and read the rules and then fill out the form.


“For Us All”

Here's the commercial – pretty amazing for an HDSLR shoot don't you think?

This 60: commercial was filmed over 5 weeks on 3 continents. My Elite Team members and I brought to life a public service announcement for the Marine Corp that humanizes the warrior. Three and four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan have weighed on the American public. The concept is a story called FOR US ALL that was to show what the Marines do for us every day. While we have our hot cup of coffee, the Marines are defending us in Iraq. While we tend to our livestock, they patrol the mountains of Afghanistan. While we go to work, they protect our freedom abroad.

Please visit Shane's blog for much more background information on the shoot, the budgets, etc – there's plenty to read there! You must go there now.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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