Need wireless HD video from the air? Teradek can fly!

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Teradek has made their technology fly! We don't have many details yet (tho we've found a story on dslrnewsshooter) but Rod Clark did send this video in which we thought you'd like to see!

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Teradek Cube Streaming HD Video from a RC Helicopter from Teradek on Vimeo.

Teradek are partnering with Orange County based F-Stop Aerial Media to develop a live-to-the-Internet HD streaming video solution for live event broadcasting. This video is from a successful test showing that Cube's WiFi radio does not interfere with the helicopter's control system.

This system can be used for live webcasts, and also filmmaking applications where the media is recorded in-camera, but the video is used for camera operating.

Two work flows are in play here. Video is transmitting from the Canon 7D via the Cube HDMI Encoder. On the receiving side, a Cube HD-SDI Decoder is displaying video on a SmallHD handheld monitor. The second workflow is streaming from the Cube Encoder to the web, either through Telestream's Wirecast, or directly to LiveStream.

Teradek are manufacturers of Cube, the world's first camera-top HD video encoder. Cube streams HD video over WiFi locally or over the Internet.

F-Stop Aerial Media own and operate two purpose radio controlled helicopter camera platforms, and leaders in RC helicopter filmmaking.




(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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