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We found this project over on this thread of the planet5D forums. I know many of you don't think planet5D cares about still photography any more, but you're wrong. We still love to cover stills! And tho this was posted primarily as a behind the scenes of a fashion shoot video piece, we love the stills that came out of the project as well. (Warning, the video has some profanity – NSFW without headphones)

Redrock Micro

The project

So, we asked KahL to give us some background on the video – and Robert Billings graciously provided a couple of the images from the shoot:

Robert Billings Photography and KahL-One Film Productions
Shot: Canon Rebel T2i/550D (reviews) & Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews)
Lens: Canon 24-105mm L (reviews)
Gear: Rode Video Mic (reviews), H4N Zoom (reviews)

This project wasn’t supposed to happen.

Not that I’m not extremely happy that it did, but it was a “happy accident” on so many levels.

We were filming our short film for the current “Cinema Out of Your Backpack” film festival in the same location as Robert was conducting his shoot. If anyone doesn’t know about him, you should- he’s a premiere photographer and in such a short span of time, has become a strong artist with so many ranges of development (check more here at

So, back on the subject—after finishing our shoot, Risa Moloney finally completed her makeup setup on Destiney. By that time, Reggie (our film’s director) and I were a bit idle and figured to catch this all on film as well. I mean, why not, right? It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now, but never caught the opportunity to do so.

The entire project ended up being a piece in family, friends and sexy jazz- if that last part makes any sense. Combined with Reg’s dialogue, Jeannie directing the interview and all of the fun moments involved, it makes me smile every single time I press PLAY.

Hopefully you guys will too.

Reg, I’m sorry, but you’re gonna get MANY more requests to show folks how to Dougie 🙂

Photo by Robert Billings Photography

Photo by Robert Billings Photography


Test Shoot- Fractured Minds Photog Day from Kahleem on Vimeo.

For awhile now I’ve seen quite a few fashion model shoots being filmed on the web. Some by big name design companies and others by photographers themselves.

Partnering alongside Robert Billings (of Fractured Minds fame) once again within his own photo shoot, we put together a quickie film short on that development. This means catching bits of dialogue from several artists on the location, the shoot itself and most of all, the mood involved during the entire process.

Makeup Artistry and Production Design- Risa Robins-Moloney
Interview Director- Jean Rodriguez
Narration- Levan Reginald Hines
Model- Destiney Davila
Photography and Studio Director- Robert Billings
Filmed, Director and Editor- Kahleem Poole-Tejada
Music- Citizen Cope

Production Conducted by- FracturedMinds Photography
For more information, head to:

*this film is dedicated to the best family/friends and support group I've ever had. Some of the most talented people you'll ever meet.

Thank you all…

Robert Billings Photography

Robert Billings Photography

(Photo credit: snap from the Robert Billings photos)

Zeiss Cinema Lenses


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