Winner for the SmallHD November planet5D Forum giveaway!

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This morning, we picked the winner of the SmallHD DP6 monitor from our November SmallHD giveaway, it is Amila C. Kumarasinghe from Sri Lanka with this post in the “Post photos of your 7D setup!” thread.

Redrock Micro

Congratulations to Amila!

The funny thing – the first time I went thru the process of picking a winner, the post it picked was MINE! HAHA. Of course, I'm not eligible so I had to generate another winning number.

It was even more fun picking a winner because Amila was in the planet5D HDSLR chat room at the time so he was very excited when I announced to the room that it was him as you can imagine.

We used a random number generator to find the post from all of the posts in November and it picked the winner. Amila will not be eligible for the next contest – the Genus Superior Follow Focus running in the month of December.


Our thanks again go out to Reed and Wes and everyone at SmallHD – they've been wonderfully generous! Please take a moment and follow them on twitter and give them a little thank you.

And our thanks also go out to all of you who contributed to the forums this month! The participation has been fabulous and everyone is being very kind to each other making the planet5D forums the best HDSLR forums on the planet!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Thank you very much planet5D guys, I was very exited when i got the chat.

    at that time planetMitch gave me a link and he told watch the top and he is the winner. 😀 lol, when i watched that post, Oh GOD, i’m the winner . .

    Sweet memories . . 😀

    Thanx a lot you guys for that and i’m waiting for that gift, after i having that, i ll do a cool review of DP6 and i ll post that in planet 5D.

    So also i’m looking forward about the winner of the December (not me . . lol), and wish you all be best guys who facing to December contest . .

    So i have little request form you planetMitch, i think its better to give a printed document from the . because it will be a memorable gift for the winners and i think you guys agree with me . . 🙂

    Anyway, Thanx a lot again and I’m always with

    Cheers . .

  2. Congrats Amila!

    You deserve the win! Thanks for all your helpful posts!


    John V.

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