Timur Civan produces first UV Canon EOS 5D Mark II music video

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Timur Civan sent us this cool little tidbit – what is possibly the first ultra-violet (UV) Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) music video! If you don't remember Timur, he's the guy who brought us the stills and video from the 102 year old lens a couple of months back.

Redrock Micro

The video

The background of the video


Timur posted on his blog

About a month ago i was hired to shoot a music video for Erasure's Re-master and Re-release of their classic 80's hit, “A Little Respect”. Laundry Service Media, the production company in charge of the task presented me with a doozy of a shooting request. We wanted to shoot 9 people lip syncing to the song in 14 different locations within a 12 hour day. Thats 16 company moves in 12 hours. meaning we had about 40 minutes per location, that includes, lighting, setup, scouting, shooting, and breakdown. To make things even more challenging, Jason Stein the Director wanted a UV lighting setup, so he could use florescent make up to create some stunning effects.

The song has some history, as it was and still is an anthem of empowerment for the Gay community all over the world. The songs Re-release on I-Tunes is being used to raise money for the Hetrick-Martin institute, an institution that supports the LGBT community and provides a safe haven for anyone who needs it. In this case, its specifically targeting the rash of bullying that has been sweeping the public eye this past few months.

Getting back to the shooting, the challenges before us meant that we needed to choose the correct tool for the job. RED was out of the question as it meant moving two additional crew members around, to help support the camera, and PL lenses would have been too much of a hassle when you only have minutes in each location. We still wanted a high quality look, so the compromise was clear. The small light 5DMKII, was the logical choice. However, i had no idea how a 5D MKII would expose under some of the demanding situations i was about to put it through. Truth be told, it knocked it out of the park!!!

There's a bunch more info about this on his blog so please go read it!

What do you think? Cool eh?

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Looks great. I’m actually mid production on a music video for an amazing electronic music producer that’s about 60% UV lit or mixed UV and normal light (on 5D, 7D, and a little bit on 35mm film actually). We’ve played around with make up and paint like in this video…plus some stuff you may not have seen before…

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