Thomas Dolby’s new music video “The Toadlickers” filmed with Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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Thomas Dolby has always been an interesting musician and his latest effort is no different – and this particular music video was shot with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) and as the Director/Producer Paul D says in his blog post… “A few months ago, Thomas Dolby invited me to direct his first music video of the 21st century! Since Thomas has always had a penchant for pushing the envelope, it seemed only fitting to shoot the video with the latest cutting edge technology, which is why I chose Canon EOS 5D Mark IIs. I’ll be posting more about this soon. In the meantime…enjoy!”

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Uniquely interesting eh? I didn't realize it had been that long since we'd seen a music video from Thomas Dolby! So, since it was so unique (and of course shot on our friend the Canon EOS 5D Mark II), we contacted the director Paul D and he graciously sent us this additional info:

“Thomas Dolby – The Toadlickers

Thomas Dolby was one of the early stars of MTV and has always been at the cutting edge of technology, so now that he's decided to leave Silicon Valley and return to the music industry, it seemed only fitting to shoot his new music video ‘ The Toadlickers' with the most cutting edge camera available – The Canon 5D MkII.

The Canon 5D MKII enabled us to get action shots of our parkourists that would have been impossible with any other camera. It also allowed us to move quickly, use a minimal crew and remain unobtrusive, whilst shooting a bunch of guys in Prince Charles masks raiding sweetshops in central London!

Mike Quinn, whose background includes The Muppets and some of the Star Wars movies, did all of the puppetry. The day after he completed production on this video, he got on a plane to start work on the new Muppet Movie.

More about this and full behind the scenes details will be posted soon on the blog of Director/Producer – Paul D .”

Thanks for that Paul!

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(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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