Robert Evans on planet5D Live! an interview with an incredible wedding photographer

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planet5D Live! is very excited to bring you Robert Evans – wedding photographer of the Hollywood stars and mentor to photographers worldwide. Mark your calendar now so you don't forget! December 12th at 9pm EST tune into planet5D Live!

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planet5D live chat with Robert Evans

Sunday December 12th, 9PM EST

Robert and I (and you!) will be chatting on the planet5D Live! page starting at 9pm EST. We'll have the archive posted after the event, so even if you can't make it, you can watch it later – tho you will miss out on the opportunity to ask questions live in the chat room!

Who is Robert Evans?

Robert has photographed some of the most amazing weddings in modern history – Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Trent Reznor and many more. Here's one sample he's posted on his blog… “The Exclusive Photographs Inside The Celebrity Wedding of 90210 Star Ian Ziering” – so you can see, his results speak for themselves.

Tho that doesn't make him unreachable and in fact, he's doing a ton to give back to the photography and wedding communities. He is the exclusive photography expert for giving advice and support to wedding couples. Robert is also Vice President of Education with – a site designed to give support to photographers from beginner to pro.


Some samples and interviews

Video from Robert Evans's homepage

Robert highlighted by In this clip from Get Married on Lifetime, Robert Evans, who has shot celebrity weddings such as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, talks about his inspiration and passion for photographing weddings. Watch Get Married airing on Lifetime EVERY weekday morning at 7:30 am ET/PT starting October 1st. And for more exciting wedding videos, go to

A recent ‘Boudoir photo shoot” of Robert's

In this video Photographer Robert Evans produces his own version of a BOUDOIR PHOTO SHOOT.
Photography and Produced by ROBERT EVANS (,
Directed, Shot, and Edited by SOLOMON BLANK (,
Make up by AMANDA WHITE,
Photography Assistant SOPHIA IRVINE.

So, with all of this, it should be a fun interview – please mark your calendars!

planet5D live chat with Robert Evans

Sunday December 12th, 9PM EST

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(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Holy Shit, i havent chance to participate that time. shit . . 🙁
    I’m not at home that time Errrr . . Poor me . . 🙁

    1. Author

      Well, that’s why we record them 🙂

      sorry you can’t be there live, but at least you can watch afterwards

      and if you have any questions – don’t be afraid to list them here! or send them to me via the contact page

      1. Wow Really? Awesome planetMitch, Yeah, i really wanna know these stuff,

        1. How to use Flash and Off camera flash with special occasions?

        2. How to setup simple light rigs for the indoor photography, and what are the equipments to use.

        3. Are there any special filters or something like that other than lenses for better output for wedding photography?

        4. What are the lenses you recommend for wedding portraits?

        5. And Tips and techniques . . .etc

        And wanna see the overall record . . 🙂

        cheers guys . .

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