planet5D podcast #1 Tyler Ginter

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Hi y'all

this was a test post – but since it was tweeted a couple of times, I decided to leave it

I'm working on getting our previous interviews online via as podcasts and this is from their system.

I've updated the date to put it back a few days so it doesn't appear in the recent top posts.

I'll blog about the new podcasts when they're ready

Were proud to announce that were going to be starting a series of live interviews of the movers and shakers in the HDLSR world and wed like you to participate! First up is going to be Tyler Ginter. Hes been a big supporter of planet5D since the early days and always seems to find some great news for us to feature and we appreciate that. Tyler is a member of our USA Army and were proud of everything hes doing to serve our country, so we thought wed honor him with our first interview. Who is Tyler Ginter? I am a Combat Camera Platoon Leader in charge of a team of videographers and photographers who travel the world gathering historical footage for the U.S. Army.

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