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This is a bit off topic, but I know well over 50% of our readers are mac users and you may not be aware of this deal – granted, none of the software is photography related, but let's just see if anyone is interested – and a portion of the funds are donated to charity – so that's a good thing!

Redrock Micro


What's in the package?

There are 10 different programs – but I can tell you that I love 2 of them that I already own. 1Password and Typinator. I use 1Password and Typinator many many times every day. 1Password stores all of my website passwords. And Typinator helps me all day long in creating the planet5D blog. I when I type “p5d” for example, Typinator replaces that text instantly with “planet5D” (with the proper capitalization) and it does it in any program running on my mac.

So, if you're interested in some mac software, there might be a couple of programs here of interest in this bundle.

Blogger's Disclaimer: planet5D is an affiliate and we'll get a little commission if you purchase the package.

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