Letus announces HDSLR shoulder rigs

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Our friends over at Letus (planet5D sponsor) have announced some new HDSLR shoulder rigs you might be interested in – and they start at $1149

Redrock Micro
Letus Shoulder Mount Rig with camera and hawk

Letus Shoulder Mount Rig with camera and hawk

If you are looking for a complete shoulder mount solution for your HDSLR camera, this Letus rig is for you. This kit includes the standard Letus Talon K1 base kit and adds a complete shoulder mount configuration.

The shoulder mount setup is highly configurable for a variety of shooting styles. Rather than selling dozens of different configurations with only a few parts added here and there, we decided to include a complete system that could be added to and subtracted from in order to build a rig that best suits your needs. We provide a COMPLETE setup that you can configure how you see fit using as little or as much of the components included.

Our shoulder mount components are CNC milled from high grade aluminum and hard anodized for added durability. They feature our stainless steel 15mm rods as they will not dent and scratch like the lower end aluminum and carbon fiber rods on the market.


The Letus Talon systems feature our custom designed ratcheting thumb screws for easy adjustment. They can be tightened with a hex key for added torque.

The hand grips and shoulder mount are made from 100% silicon and are impervious to harsh weather conditions and production environments.

The Letus counter weight is milled from solid stainless steel and weighs 3lbs. The counter weight is standard 15mm on 60mm spacing and will work with any standard 15mm rods support system. The weight is also threaded with 15mm threads so you can add 15mm rods to the weight itself.


  • Talon Quick Release Baseplate
  • Talon / Hawk Camera Plate
  • Talon Stainless Steel L-Bracket
  • Ratcheting Thumb Screws
  • 2 x 9cm Stainless Steel rods (female / female)
  • 2 x 20cm Stainless Steel rods (female / female)
  • 2 x 30cm Stainless Steel rods (female / female)
  • 2 x 5.5cm Stainless Steel stub rods (female / male)
  • 2 x 45 Degree Rod Clamps
  • 2 x Letus Simple Hand Grips
  • Letus Rods Offset Bridge
  • Letus Adjustable Shoulder Mount pad
  • Letus Shoulder Mount Clamp
  • Letus CNC Milled Stainless Steel 3 pound weight

Blogger's Disclaimer: Letus is a sponsor of planet5D – tho we often show product news whether the company is a sponsor or not.

(Photo credit: snap from the Letus Shoulder Mount Rigs page)

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  1. start at 1149.00? as a tool maker i have built many parts and under stand what it takes to make equipment this is way over priced. this will be for the ego not for function

    1. Author

      While I’m not a tool maker I can’t comment on that aspect, but there are other rigs priced higher and lower than this. It all depends on your needs and budget.

  2. i can tell you that add up all the metal bolts nuts and you might have 75.00 of parts, this aint rockets science here and if some poor soul wants to spend his or her money i am fine with it..budget means you buy as high as you can?? no it means you buy what you need at a fair price. They are nice rigs to be sure. It easy to get caught up in the “i paid 1500.00 for the this rig,” mentality. What i would like to see is someone making a movie with the saving. What i see now, and i look on the web for the latest dslr equipment, is we buy it but never use it to the fullest. Perhaps we make a 10 min.clip and feel like we did a good job, To spend this kind of money you must do some serious usage. Please note this is only my opinion.

    1. Author

      You know there’s a heck of a lot more involved in just parts involved – there’s labor, research, advertising, travel, marketing etc etc etc.

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