HDSLR Week In Review – Saturday, December 18th

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Another really great week here on planet5D! One thing we haven't announced yet is our new planet5D Facebook page – please give it a look and a “like” if you are a facebook user.

Last week, our first week doing a weekly summary, I asked for some feedback and well, I didn't get much. Please let me know in the comments if you think this is a good or bad idea. If nobody wants it, I sure don't want to waste your time with the posts… thanks!

Redrock Micro

My top stories of the week

Here's the article of the week (if you ask me because I wrote it LOL)… ok, it isn't just because I wrote it, actually all of you did – by contributing to the poll question we asked here on the blog (the current question is over there in the right margin ==> )
Top 5 HDSLR ‘must have’ features moviemakers want in the next pro HDSLR

I insist that you watch this! There is some great content if you're wanting to learn about moviemaking with the Canon HDSLRs!
Shane Hurlbut and Jacob Rosenberg discuss HDSLR feature filmmaking with Adobe


The rest of the news on planet5D

Canon Artworks – a Canon HDSLR commercial from @stillmotion

Canon EOS 60D Firmware Update issued: Version 1.0.8

Anton/Bauer Power Solutions for the Canon HDSLR Cameras Now Shipping Worldwide

Richard Harrington to be planet5D HDSLR chat special guest December 20th

Timur Civan produces first UV Canon EOS 5D Mark II music video

First Red Scarlet seen in the wild (updated)

PhotoCineNews Expo DVD – a review and a contest!

New Ikan Teleprompter announced

5 ways to win HDSLR gear now

Quite a week I'd say! Don't forget you can keep your eye on the HDSLR headline news from all the other top sites.

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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