First Red Scarlet seen in the wild (updated)

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The first video showing the Red Scarlet (recently renamed to “EPIC Light”) out in the wild is here! This is the first public showing of a working Red Scarlet 8X fixed camera!

UPDATE: Adam (@misterPerry) straightend me out on the RED naming scheme for Scarlets (I obviously haven't been keeping track). The model shown below is the Scarlet 2/3″ sensor. RED has since changed the EPIC Light name (which was for the s35 sensor model of the Scarlet (which is much bigger than the 2/3 sensor)) to EPIC-S (see this post). See the sensor size chart at the bottom of the post that we added.

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Red Scarlet Fixed Lens Camera – First video of a working Scarlet ! from Tonaci Tran on Vimeo.

This is the very first public footage of a working Red Scarlet Fixed Lens camera. I'm currently at Red Studios helping with the Santa Fe 3d Workshop with Geoff Boyle. Just as I am sitting there…in comes Jarred with a WORKING Red Scarlet 8X fixed camera! Naturally I was dying to hold the camera. As Jarred passed it to me, he told me I was the first public person to hold a working Red Scarlet. Let me tell you folks, it is real and is working. The Scarlet I was holding had the 5inch lcd touchscreen. The lens gear ring which can be set to zoom, iris or focus is buttery smooth. QUALITY. The electronic zoom works like a charm. I used the up-down rocker on the camera to zoom in on a Jeep in the parking lot (though I was “Mr. Shakey” due to the sheer excitement of finally getting to hold the Red Scarlet.) Justin O'Neill and I got to see it for a mere brief moment and off it went back to the vault. This should be comforting to those who may fear that RED wouldn't have time for the Scarlet with all the Epic buzz going on. This gives me more confidence that the Red Scarlet is definitely around the corner. I have been really lucky to have held both the Epic and Scarlet. The Scarlet is lighter in weight than the Epic even with the fixed lens. This is due to the Scarlet body being more narrow. The weight felt very good and the camera felt rugged. Touch screen controls were functional. Enjoy!


Why do we care?

Well, tho it isn't an HDSLR, the Canon HDSLRs are often compared to the RED One (tho they sure don't match in price). The Scarlet (not sure I can go with the Epic Light name LOL) was targeted as more of a ‘consumer' camera when it was originally announced (our first post was about the first video that was shown from a scarlet) back in June 2009.

Anyway, tho not really a direct HDSLR comptetitor, from the video you can see that this is something that can be handheld like an HDSLR and I'm sure the HDSLR manufacturers are keeping an eye on developments over at RED HQ so we should be aware of what's on the market (or coming) as well.

What are your thoughts? Let's discuss in this thread on planet5D forums!

Source: We first saw the video on this Vincent Laforet post

UPDATE: this is the sensor chart – note that the names are wrong – they've since renamed the SCARLET S35 to EPIC-S

RED Camera sensors along with some other sensor sizes from

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(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  2. It seems to me to be something fairly significant. I am surprised however that they have not made the sensor larger. I am sure that there are many other reasons that the Scarlet will cater more to the video crowd (better work flow, better color correction, controlled sound, cinema style lenses, etc). I am just not seeing the benefits though. If anybody has dealt with RED in the past (ie RED One) they know that all of the accessories are very expensive. Though they are high quality and cinema focused, will the expense work in RED’s benefit when you have cameras that are so much less expensive with less expensive accessories (sound, lenses, etc) that ultimately have better sensors? I am excited to see some test footage and actually see what the camera does instead of just how it looks topically. Really, I am skeptical of RED and will probably stick my my HDSLRs for the time being. It just isn’t as much camera as I would like for the money, but I am open to be persuaded. So, come on RED! Show me what you can do!

  3. Pretty excited to see this out in the market, being used, being placed side by side with all the other DSLR bodies and…. AND…. pushing Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Sony and the likes to get on it and come out with something just as fantastic.
    Being skeptical is natural when it comes to RED but just like a few others, I’m excited to see what this camcorder can really do.

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