Facebook saved from failure by planet5D

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Facebook is the king of the social media and planet5D now has a Facebook page! Ok, so planet5D isn't saving Facebook from certain death *grin* – but we are looking for a splash launch on Facebook so please “like” planet5D! Please? A simple click on the “like” button below is what you need to do.

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It was probably about 8 months ago when I was listening to a social media presentation by John Poz from one man's blog (at the Art institute of Dallas) where he mentioned that his research (using data from @Woopra's servers) determined that more web traffic was going to servers being watched by Woopra from Facebook than it was from Twitter that my eyes were opened and I've been meaning to put more effort into Facebook – now it is happening!

Social Networking Referrals - from John P presentation

Social Networking Referrals - from John P presentation


From now on, I'll be updating Facebook with statuses just like I do on Twitter. I know that many of you have told me that you've not wanted/needed/liked twitter but do have a Facebook account. Now all of you will be able to keep track of what HDSLR goodness is coming from planet5D right on your Facebook front page.

And this should also help you mobile users – after reading articles like this “More Control on Mobile“, I'm learning that more and more of you are reading the blog thru your phones and mobile devices – so we'll be working on better formats for those as well.

So, please take 2 actions… first, give us a like, second, please tell someone you know that is an HDSLR fan about our site and our new home on Facebook. Thanks!

(Photo credit: snap from the planet5D facebook page)

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