Canon EOS 7D footage at 2000 frames per second?

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How can you get Canon EOS 7D (reviews) footage slowed down to 2000 frames per second? With Twixtor of course! You saw this done before here in this post “Taking Canon EOS 7D footage from 60fps to 1000fps with Twixtor” now see it again (from the same guys).

Redrock Micro

7D 2000 fps from Oton Bačar on Vimeo.

Second and final slow motion test…It was filmed months ago. Editing is rough because I don't have time to work on details.

Edited with Twixtor in After Effects.
Rain was made with Trapcode Particular 2 in AE
Lens used: Canon EFS 18-135 mm
Shutter speed: unknown

Music: “Seagull”
Composer: Niklas Aman, STIM
Publisher: Brusbox Music STIM

Check out Niklas' awesome music:​music

Red Giant Trapcode Plugins:


In this one, I love the way they've captured the rain… It adds some great visuals… what do you think? Actually reading comments on the video, it looks like that rain is added in post… this comment from the author:

Oton Bačar Everybody, thank you very much for the feedback! I don't have time to make tutorials right now, but I will probably make one some day. I don't remember the shutter speed because it was filmed a while had to be like 1/2000 s.

Lastly, the rain was made with Particular 2.

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

Zeiss Cinema Lenses


  1. Is it me or is the rain an effect added to the video, and not actual rain drops? I am assuming the “rolling clouds” in that same shot are an effect as well.

    But anyway, still looks awesome. Can you do this with a 5d mk2?

      1. Author

        Yes, that’s why at the top of the story I said this: “How can you get Canon EOS 7D (reviews) footage slowed down to 2000 frames per second? With Twixtor of course! ” and linked to the product 🙂

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  3. Slowing down clips like this is a gimmick and will never replace high speed camera. First 1000fps or 2000fps is just a number, as soon as you slow things down enough so that there are no changes between two frames, you have reached the limit of the clip speed. Slowing it more will only duplicate existing frames to achieve the desired frame rate, something that a lot of people have done with their slomo clips.

    This is where real high fps camera come in. When they shoot at 1000fps, you are getting 1000 different frames (if resolution permits), and for the record, phantom type camera can go up to a million fps (!).

    Getting good slomo shots is not easy (in Twixtor) and while it could look ok on a computer screen, you can easily see artifacts when you look at it on a big screen.

    If you want to see cool slomo clips, look on Chase Jarvis blog for the kungfu network advertisement they shot with a phantom or the Zombieland intro.

    1. You say to look at Chase’s blog to see ‘cool slomo clips’… How can you say this video isn’t a cool slomo clip? He’s achieved a 1000fps look with post production using tools that cost hardly anything.

      Get a Phantom in and you have to have to hire lenses, lights, generators, crew, at a cost of thousands of pounds/dollars. This guy bought a 550D and had some fun creating something. He isn’t trying to replace your beloved Phantom… He isn’t shooting something for the IMAX. He’s shot a web video.

      It’s frustrating when people critique these videos like this… This is pure creativity.

      In a future where content is being viewed on smaller and smaller screens, this guy can provide a client with content suitable for it’s application for a fraction of the cost that you could.

      Directors like this are coming to take your jobs. Keep up or move out of the way.

      1. My comment was not against the video but against Alistair who said “wow who needs a Phantom when you have this camera?” and I explained why high speed camera will always have their places.

        BTW, no where did I say this was not a good video. You are putting in my mouth words I have not said. I simply pointed toward other cool slow motion vids…

  4. I totally agree with both of you for the reasons you have both stated,but gimmick or not,to hire a Phantom for me would be fainancialy impossible for my clients,artifacting isn’t the issue for them..its terrible sound that erks me,only if we pixel peep dose this become our concern but bad sound is chinese water torture.
    It depends on the intention of the shoot,if its foe the small screen then it may not matter depending on ones opinion,this guys done a bang up job with available technology,i think we are spoiled by what we have compared to two years ago.

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