Canon EOS-1D MKIV captures the world’s largest aquarium

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Yes, the Canon EOS-1D MKIV (reviews) does make some pretty good movies – we seem to ignore it, but now and then we'll see something that just has to be shared – this time, a movie from Patrick Moreau (from StillMotion). We usually post these on the planet5D cinema, but I think you'll forgive me for sharing this one here. It might be much like the hypnotic we posted over a year ago… “Hypnotic Ocean Aquarium filmed with Canon 5D mk ii” this one's getting a lot of views as well.

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the world's largest aquarium // ATL.GA from stillmotion on Vimeo.

joyce and i had an extra day in atlanta before a shoot and thought we would check out the aquarium (which was certainly much better than the world of coke). here is a short piece we put together for my personal blog.

the soundtrack is one of my favs by the dimes called ‘the ballad of winslow homer'. available to license on

shot all monopod/MKIV/primes. on the gear side, i also must add that the shootsac was awesome for being able to travel light but have enough glass with me.



So, is one of the aquarium videos better than the other? Sound off in the comments!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Of course, I’m partial to this acquarium as I live in the Atlanta area. :) I’m going to have to go back and spend some more time there with the 5DM2.

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