A few planet5D improvements

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We're always looking for ways to improve your experience here at planet5D and we think we've added a few good new features.

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New planet5D.com front page!

First, we've improved the front end to planet5D.com which is the first page many people see – we've added a section where information about planet5D is shown visually – giving visitors a better idea of what we've got to offer. Often people tell me that they weren't aware of a particular feature of our site so adding this new home page to planet5D should be a great introduction. The page is static, but the top section is a slider – where each view rotates to a new view every 5 seconds or so.

Here's a little snapshot of the new front page to planet5D:

planet5D the best HDSLR site on the planet

new front page to planet5D - the best HDSLR site on the planet


New site navigation!

Also, you will notice there's a new navigation bar that will be on all the planet5D sections… thanks to our friend Daniel Freytag (@dfyka) who helped us put that together!

planet5D - HDSLR news navigation bar

planet5D - HDSLR news navigation bar

The HDSLR news page

We're not changing the planet5D HDSLR news page (tho we did remove some of the description at the top) but I did want to let you know that we are making a little assumption that you're regularly visiting. Sometimes there's a lot of duplication of news between the sites and so we're asking you to use the HDSLR news page for much of your navigation to other sites and to see the top news. That way, you'll be sure to know all of the latest news and we don't have to duplicate stuff you're already reading and focus on stuff you don't already know.

So, what do you think of the little facelift?

(Photo credit: snap from planet5D)

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