Win a SmallHD DP6 external HDSLR monitor package on planet5D forums!

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SmallHD makes one of the top HDSLR external monitors in the business and we've recently posted several times about their DP6 monitor (reviews) – well, now you can win a DP6 package thanks to SmallHD! Entry into this contest is very simple – all you have to do is post on the planet5D forum – and runs for the month of November.

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As we announced a few days ago, we've improved the look and feel of the planet5D forums and the response has been overwhelmingly positive – people love the simplicity and layout of the forums and they're really excited about the new HDSLR chat room!

So, we thought we'd help get everyone excited about the planet5D forums by giving away something and SmallHD stepped forward with this awesome prize! The winner will get the DP6-SLR and this package (read more about the accessories):

  • SmallHD DP6-SLR
  • Canon battery bracket
  • Sunhood
  • 3 pack Acrylic Screen protector
  • Monitor Sleeve
  • 2) 1.5′ cables (mini-HDMI)
  • 1) 3′ mini-HDMI cable
  • 1) 3′ HDMI Cable
  • StrongArm 6
  • Mini HDMI Splitter
  • Free shipping

How to enter!

Entry will be simple – simply post on our enhanced planet5D forum and you're entered! And, as an added bonus, each time you post, you'll get another shot at winning! All posts in the month of November (based on the time stamp on the planet5D forum server) count. We'll announce the winner on December 1st and SmallHD will ship the product directly to the winner!

Of course, you'll have to register to post, but that's relatively painless as well. But once you're in, you'll want to work with others and learn how they're using their equipment. We've got sections for:

  • General Discussion
  • Cameras (each of the Canon HDSLRs has a section here)
  • Video samples, movies, music videos etc
  • Video tips and equipment
  • Video Editing
  • Still samples from Canon HDSLR cameras (see also galleries)
  • Still Photography
  • Marketplace (buying and selling equipment)
  • Introductions – just stop in and say hi!


We've set up a special thread on the forum for entries into the contest if you don't yet have something to contribute to the other threads. Just post here.

We'd prefer that you post something about yourself, or how you're using the camera; you know, something interesting – something more than just a simple ‘I want to win'… but we'll leave it up to you :) — of course, you can always introduce yourself on the “introductions” thread.

planet5D Forums – a nice place to talk HDSLRs

We know that you have choices on forums, and we have made the planet5D forum very pleasant, we're tough on bashing (remember what mom always said: “if you don't have anything good to say, then don't say it”), the look and feel is easy on the eyes, they're well organized, and you'll have an enjoyable experience.

We're doing this a little bit different than some of the “tweet this and win” contests, it is a tad harder to enter, but we feel this is good for everyone (not everyone has twitter)… and will help raise awareness of our enhanced forums and you'll benefit by having an additional high quality place to interact with other HDSLR users! But if you want to tweet this post, please feel free! There's a tweet icon right up at the top!

Thanks and please let me know if there's anything I can do to enhance your stay at planet5D!

(Photo credit: snap from the SmallHD site)

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  1. I’m in. Love these contests. I will love them more when I win ! lol
    This looks like a great monitor.

  2. Thanks for the contest. Just an observation: shouldn’t you now include the compacts S95 and G12 into the mix now that they shoot 720p video? :)

  3. I have heard a lot of complaints about the mini-HDMI cables, that they break a lot. Who makes these cable for you? Who makes the HDMI mini-splitter for you? Very interested.

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