“Today of All Days” Web Series shot on Canon HDSLRs

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Canon HDSLRs have helped Emrys Roberts (twitter), Drew Cohn (twitter) and Josh Negrin (twitter) to create a three part mini-web series and we thought you'd like to be ready for it when episode one premiers Friday, November 19th. These guys are aspiring filmmakers and I think you'll see that they've gotten a great start when you see the trailer (and I've seen the first episode, and they've got a story that reaches out and grabs you).

“”Today of all Days” is a new mini-webseries from Streamy Award winning producer, Josh Negrin. “Today of all Days” is an action comedy about a groom that mistakenly gets pulled into a gun fight, by his best friend, 30 minutes before his wedding. “Today of All Days” is a jam packed Action Comedy Web Mini Series that will be launched in 3 separate episodes over the course of the next few weeks.”

Redrock Micro

I met Emrys Roberts out in LA in the spring when I flew out there for the Philip Bloom Venice Beach meetup and it is always great to see what someone you've met has been able to produce. He sent me this tease a few days ago:

“It's written and directed by my friend Josh Negrin, and we shot it in Hollywood, CA. I used both 5D mk2 and 7D using Canon L glass. I also used Redrock rigs exclusively for all the support when not on a tripod.”

I've also had several email conversations with Josh Negrin – who also is a producer of “Kevin Pollak's Chat Show” (IMDB) which is pretty entertaining if you get a chance to tune in some time. Josh had also previously sent us several things – this one made it to the planet5D blog – “Canon EOS 5D Mark II records scoring session of “Family Guy”“.

Emrys has contributed a long post on the planet5D forum about the setup and production of the series with photos – please give it a read… here's a small snippet to get you interested:

“”Today of All Days” was shot using the Canon 5D Mark II and the Canon 7D. We utilized these cameras for the obvious reason of their ability to shoot the film-look with shallow depth of field. But not only that these cameras made shooting our short film a much richer experience, mainly due to the amount of freedom these cameras aloud us.

The first huge advantage of HDSLR's in short film is their size. This huge impact on how you carry the camera and for how long. Our production was based on a lot of action with the need to keep the camera mobile for almost 75% of the shoot. But while the size and weight of these cameras in relation to the sensor size is amazing, as many in the HDSLR community know, it can also be your downfall without the right rigging involved. That's where Redrock Micro came in…”

“Today of all Days” – teaser from Today of all Days on Vimeo.


Here's an extra behind the scenes image Emrys sent to planet5D not included in Emrys' post:

Today of All Days - behind the scenes photo not included in the forum post

Please run over and read the rest of Emrys' production notes and don't forget to register and post a comment to Emrys and Josh in the forums – it will enter you in the SmallHD DP6 giveaway!

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(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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