Shane Hurlbut ASC – Director of Photography and HDSLR champion

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Shane Hurlbut (IMDBWikipedia with bio) just rocks HDSLRs – that's about all there is to it. There aren't many people who are as excited and as passionate about the revolution around HDSLRs as Shane and I absolutely love listening to him speak. His keynote at the PhotoCine EXPO was the highlight of the event for me – he gets your blood pumping and the adrenalin flowing. And his wife Lydia is a blast as well but she's not in the forefront like Shane… she quietly (tho some might not agree that she's quiet LOL) runs all the behind the scenes efforts and has as much energy as Shane. What a pair!

Redrock Micro

There are three or four folks that usually get mentioned as the top gurus of this HDSLR explosion, but for me, Shane is the top dog. Please don't get me wrong, I admire all of them – and they all contribute vast amounts of knowledge and have their own following, but once I met Shane and Lydia at the “Collision” conference last year, I knew I needed to know more about this amazing team of energy that is Shane.

Just look at this snippet from Shane's blog about his ambitions and his “elite team” (the group of guys and gals with whom Shane and Lydia craft their magic):

“Lydia and I created Hurlbut Visuals together to inspire and educate one filmmaker at a time. The Elite Team members and I still have our burning ambition and intense desire to shoot. The combination of the two is what is so exciting. We are preparing to ignite all of your passion, your ideas, your creative dreams, while at the same time testing, creating, and field testing the gear on a shoot. Carpe Diem!

Why can’t we inspire and push filmmakers to be bolder, braver, and more creative in pushing the limit to help build their careers? I will not go as far as the French Jesuit missionary Father Ceyrac who once wrote, “All that is not given is lost.” I do recognize the importance of giving back through sharing my personal experience and value educating filmmakers. So, we are retooling Hurlbut Visuals with a new and improved virtual access to our site and blog.”

I think that snippet shows you how passionate they are about the future and giving a bunch back to the HDSLR community!

HDSLR Bootcamp

And in the past year, this ball of energy has gone on to even higher heights. Hurlbut Visuals recently held the HDSLR BootCamp, which from all accounts blew everyone away. We're still hoping they can do a few more as we know they did such a great job with the first one.

And while they were working on the bootcamp, they found time to film a couple of promotional videos – including this one for Adobe's CS5 (you'll get a bit of the taste of Shane's passion I believe):

And this one as well:

Shane's 15 part series on lighting

And, just this past week, Shane has launched a new feature on Shane's blog (which you can also find on the HDSLR news page so I won't duplicate his recent stuff) where he will be focusing on lighting. In the first post “Lighting: An inside look into “The Rat Pack”“, you'll find diagrams and the actual clips from the movie. And in doing this, he'll be going back to his movies and selecting individual scenes where he'll explain in great detail why and how they set up the lighting.

“I am listening to your requests to learn more about my lighting. We have so many gear blogs out there. Let’s talk about story, lighting, and the things that make you shine as an artist. I have designed a 15 part series that delivers an inside look into my lighting style.”

That should be an amazing series when they get all 15 posts online! Not to mention the questions that he's answering down in the comments!

Other folks talking with Shane

Dailey Pike interviewed Shane a little bit ago and posted this result:

Citizen Shane – Interview With Shane Hurlbut from Dailey Pike on Vimeo.

Shane Hurlbut talks about HDSLRs, sustainable (“green”) filmmaking, native ISOs, reducing noise and gives his best advice for aspiring filmmakers.

See the picture style Shane uses on the Canon 5D Mark II here.

He also tells of his route to becoming one of Hollywood's most sought after cinematographers, going from truck driver, to grip, to gaffer, to DP and finally to producer/director/cameraman.

A gentleman, a family man with two children whose wife Lydia is also his partner at Hurlbut Visuals, Shane is “sitting on top of the world” and deservedly so.

For Shane, truly, “It's A Wonderful Life”

More videos of Shane, his blog and projects at Hurlbut Visuals

And this is a bit older, but worth a listen – Carl Olson interviewed Shane on his 16×9 podcast.

the future

Every now and then, I get the chance to talk to one or both of this dynamic duo and each time I come away more excited about the future of the HDSLR community and can't wait to find out about what new cool things Shane and Lydia and the Elite Team are doing. And hopefully, after reading this little tribute, you'll be following their exploits a bit more closely as well.

(Photo credit: snap of shane by planetMitch)

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