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This is the time of year for HDSLR gear shopping and gift giving (tho my mother-in-law would say every day is a time for shopping but that's a whole other story) and we've got a great section of planet5D that should help you with that – planet5D review. We'd also like to ask for your continued support by using the planet5D review site as your year round HDSLR camera and accessory store. When you go to the planet5D review site and find a product you're interested in and then click the button to buy the product, planet5D will get a small portion of the sale back from the vendor as a thank you for bringing you to them and it doesn't cost you anything extra (other than a click or two).

Redrock Micro

Holiday shopping

I know many sites these days are affiliate sites – including some of the top HDSLR sites – and I strongly urge you to buy your gear thru any of them (of course, we'd appreciate it if you picked us). It really doesn't add anything to the cost of your purchase and indeed, we get a bit of support back from the vendors. If you favor one of the other HDSLR bloggers, then please take a moment and go to their site before you go shopping for HDSLR products or surf thru planet5D review to find that perfect gift for a loved one. If you aren't aware of some of the others, here's a quick list:

It seems like a pledge drive for your local public television station, but we do need your support please! If you don't buy thru the planet5D review site, please use one of the links above and support your favorite HDSLR blog!

We do get revenue from our advertisers, but the additional income coming from affiliate sales does indeed help feed and clothe my children! If you want to know exactly how these ‘affiliates' work, read the section below.

planet5D Consumer HDSLR Reviews

New links in the blog header

And, to make it even easier, we've added links in the blog header (way up there at the top where nobody ever looks ). While you're reading the blog and suddenly remember you wanted to buy something, the links are right there – just pick your favorite vendor and you're there!

New blog header affiliate links

Updates to planet5D review

Back in February, we announced the planet5D consumer HDSLR review site and gave away an Apple iPad to one lucky reviewer. Since then, we've made a few changes to the site and we're continuing to add additional products (you may see us announce those on twitter – so you should be following planetMitch).

We've added a WordPress plugin that brings in some additional reviews and information directly from Amazon and we've made it a bit more clear that the top section is a product description and the consumer reviews come after that. Using this plugin helps provide consumer reviews for new products we're listing so it doesn't seem quite so confusing at first (when we used to post a product and there'd be no reviews). There's still the ability for you to add your own product review – that's why it is a “consumer review” site – it helps buyers get real life input from prior buyers of the products.


Sections of the planet5D review site

How does an affiliate get income?

Sometimes I get questions about exactly how being an affiliate works so let me run you thru the process – maybe that will make it more appealing and less scary.

First, we had to sign up with folks like Amazon, B&H, and Adorama.

Then, we get an affiliate code – our Amazon affiliate code is “saouri-20” (I wish it was plane5d-20 but that's an id I had from a long time ago) and on a url, you'll see the code embedded like this “”. Clicking a link like that would tell the Amazon site that you came from planet5D and that if you buy something we should get the credit.

After you get to the vendor's site, you'll likely not find the affiliate ID in the URL any more… that's because they put a cookie on your computer with that information and will use that cookie in place of the ID on the URL – however, (and this can get a little messy) the cookie only is “fresh” for a limited time. After it expires, if you purchase something on the vendor's site, planet5D won't get any credit for the purchase (because the cookie is gone and they've lost our tracking ID).

In Amazon's case, the cookies expire after one day!

Yep, we only get 1 day for you to buy that product… after that, the cookie is gone and we get nothing. SO, while you were thinking about the purchase, if you wait too long, the vendors decide that they don't need to remember that we sent you to them. So please come back and go thru the process if you wait longer than a day to buy. Some vendors have the cookies live for 7 or 30 days – it depends on how generous they are.

Also, how much the vendor gives us can depend on whether you go to their site thru a generic link like this one: Amazon – or if you go a specific product link like this: Canon EOS 5D Mark II. We get more for targeted product links – which is why you see them all over planet5D.

We get a page to go see what income we're getting, but we don't get to see how many clicks there have been or what products you may have had in the shopping cart. After 30-60 days we'll get a payment. They wait just in case there are returns… so it may take a while for us to get any income from your purchase, but we will get it – AND WE DO APPRECIATE IT!

planet5D Consumer HDSLR Reviews

Support planet5D

This is a footer we've started adding to some of our posts to (hopefully) remind you that your purchase will help planet5D… so please remember to go thru these links or search for a product on the planet5D review site before you buy?

Please support planet5D by using these links before buying absolutely anything (software, cameras, equipment, diapers – ANYTHING) – it adds no cost!

We love to bring you guys the best HDSLR info on the planet. It will help us to keep doing that if we have your continued support. And, if you buy something from our advertisers, please let them know you follow planet5D.

please check the planet5D HDSLR consumer review and shopping guide

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  1. Please refer to “Christmas. Don’t refer to Christmas as ” the holidays” OK

    What is it about Americans that they are frightened of the word “Christmas ” and want to inflict this PC crap on us?

    I for one will not be purchasing from any company that uses the term ” the holidays “

    1. Author


      well, I thought about that before posting, but in reality, this isn’t just an American blog nor is it a Christian blog. There are people all over the world reading planet5D (and it is wonderful) and I chose to refer to it as ‘the holidays’ to honor all religions and beliefs. You may think I’m ‘frightened’ to use the Christian name for the holiday, but I prefer to think of it as respecting all who visit here.

      I’m sorry that it bothered you and I hope you can find a site meeting your needs and I ask you to indeed purchase thru their affiliate links to help out someone during this holiday season – for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and everyone else!

      Merry Christmas to you (which is what I say to all I meet) and thank you for reading planet5D and speaking your mind.

      Peace to all

  2. you are totally WRONG!. It is about someone, who showed us all right from wrong, and whether the story is true or not, whether his name was Jesus, Jack, or her name, Betty, is not the issue. The issue is someone did the right thing and an example is shown to us all, Insofar as Christianity is concerned, well, doing the right thing and fighting against the bad guys from the temple is what it’s all about. Also surely to Christ ( pardon the pun ) is a religious holiday, the man it’s named after can be respected.

    If the Jews have Hanakkah, state clearly, Happy Hannakah, acknowledge their day, same with the Christians. Christmas is the Christian day and respect and good manners do not hurt. Unfortunately, you have shown your ignorance by believing the PC line that minorities would be offended by the word “Christmas”. No they are not. Islamists, for example refer both mary and Jesus in the Koran

    As a radio Journalist I interviewed the non Christian journalist, Burt Prelutsky after he wrote a story to his co religionists about respecting Christians more. “The Grinch that stole Christmas ” Google it

    It is an American thing. It comes from a certain quarter in the U.S, and they’d tried to spread it. I also acknowledge the average American has nothing to do with it. I am also not a practicing Christian, much to my shame I suppose

    Sorry Mitch I will not be buying any of therse products and I will be contacting the companies directly


    1. Author


      I am not wrong.

      It is your right to shop somewhere else and I encourage you to find a website affiliate that you feel serves your needs.

      This is a holiday season where many different holidays overlap. Christmas is NOT the only holiday in this season and that is why I chose to respect how other people celebrate during this season. I did not do it because I didn’t want to offend anyone.

      Let’s agree to disagree and leave it there. No further discussion is needed on the blog and further comments about what is the ‘right’ way to celebrate this season will be removed. We’re not here to discuss religion or politics.

      Again tho, I do appreciate you reading the blog and hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  3. ok. Thanks for acknowledging, and we agree to disagree

    Merry Christmas or Happy Hanakkah to you

    Jolly good luck

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