More Canon EOS 5D Mark II aerial flying with Quadrocopter

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A few days ago, we found some more Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) aerial videos done by quadrocopter and so we contacted them to find out a little bit more about what they're doing.

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We talked with Jeff Scholl from quadrocopter and he sent us this bit of info about their latest shoot:

While traveling from NW Montana to Eastern Idaho for a video job I decided to bring everything that would fit in my car.

I wanted a few twilight timelapses so I brought a 5dmk2 with all my wide glass. I also wanted some aerial river B-roll so I parked next to a few kayak spots along the Lochsa river and tried out the new Hexakopter XL. The Hexakopter is a multirotor helicopter that performs like an infinite jib for low level aerial work. The 5dmk2 is a perfect payload for this Hexakopter and I am impressed how precisely it flys the camera.

The camera gimbal is hard mounted to the frame so I'm keeping it wide with the 20mm 2.8 until I can try out silicon dampners for the longer glass.

One of the limitations of the 5dmk2 on this platform is the inherent rolling shutter. If the wind starts bouncing the footage I swap out the 5d for a T2i at 720 60P which cleans up any jello effects.

In no wind conditions or interior work the 5dmk2 is my dslr of choice. However I'm looking into my crystal ball for a 5dmk3 with fast refresh rates and 1080 60P.

Canon 5dmk2 on MK Hexakopter XL over the Lochsa River from Jeff Scholl on Vimeo.


Here's another recent video that Jeff shared:

Canon 5Dmk2 on Mk HexaKopter XL from Jeff Scholl on Vimeo.

One of our clients from Chile arrived at Quadrocopter today so we gave Daniel a quick demo of the XL lifting the Canon 5dmk2/20mm 2.8. It has finally stopped raining here in NW Montana so we got to fly outside!

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(Photo credit: snap from the website)

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