Jaybilizer.com Introduces the Jaybilizer HDSLR, a Camera Stabilizer Designed Specifically for the Canon 5D mk2 DSLR

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Jabilizer.com has announced this new HDSLR stabilizer designed for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews). We found this over on latestgadgetsandgizmos.com. Have not seen or heard of this company before but thought you'd like to see it.

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The Jaybilizer HDSLR is the first affordable camera stabilizer that is optimized for shooting with the new generation of digital SLR Cameras that shoot high definition video. The Jaybilizer HDSLR is a Merlin-type camera stbilizer optimized for the Canon 5DMk2 and other DSLR cameras weighing between2 lbs ( .9 kg) and 4 lbs (1.8 kg.)

Key features:

  • Comfort cushioned grip
  • Heavy duty yet lightweight
  • Easy balancing
  • Smooth steady shots for shooting Hi-Definition video

Some of the DSLR cameras that the Jaybilizer HDSLR works with include:
The Canon 5DMK2
The Canon 7D
The Nikon D90
The Nkon D5000
The Lumix GH1
The Olympus E-P1
The Pentax K7
The Jaybilizer HDSLR also works well with small HD camcorders with DOF adapters, such as the Canon HV30 with the JAG 35 adapter.


How to set up and Balance the Jaybilizer HDSLR camera stabilizer with the Canon 5D Mk2 from Jay Shaffer on Vimeo.

Jay Shaffer demonstrates balancing the Jaybilizer HDSLR camera stabilizer with a Canon 5Dmk2 with a 16-35mm EF lens. The Jaybilizer HDSLR is a Merlin-type camera stabilizer specifically designed to work with the Canon 5dmk2 and the 7D. More info at: jaybilizer.com/

(Photo credit: snap from the jabilizer site)

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  1. The Jaybilizer has been out for awhile. The plans are worthwhile if one wishes to build it, and pre-made is still less than the Merlin.

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