Freerunnin’ around the city with Canon HDSLRs

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Free running (Free Running is a form of urban acrobatics in which participants, known as free runners, use the city and rural landscape to perform movements through its structures. It incorporates efficient movements from parkour, adds aesthetic vaults and other acrobatics) is a sport (not sure if it is ‘officially' a sport LOL), but I know a lot of people are having fun doing it, and this new Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) and Canon EOS 7D (reviews) video is getting a lot of hits – so we contacted Claudiu for a bit more info.

Redrock Micro

first, the video:

Our first team video.

Tim “Livewire” Shieff
Paul “Blue” Joseph
Ashley “Spyder” Holland
Jan Barcikowski
Franck “Cali” Nelle

Filmed & Edited by Claudiu Voicu

Music by:
The Glitch Mob


Find us on Facebook:
Storm Freerunning


Songs in order:
Animus Vox – The 4th Movement – We Swarm – Beyond Monday

Claudio's info:

£0 – well did this off our own backs. Our sponsors did send us a few bits of clothing and supplements, though.

Camera bodies:
Canon EOS 5D Mark II at 1080p25
Canon 7D (almost always) at 720p60

Canon 15mm f2.8 Fishy
Canon 16-35mm f2.8 L II
Canon 50mm f1.4
Canon 135mm f2 L
Canon 70-200 f2.8 L IS
Tamron 10-24mm

As for rigs, etc… All I had was a basic Manfrotto tripod, camera stabilizer from B Hague and a pair of skates. I built a DIY dolly for a few shots but upgraded to a GlideTrack a week before we finished filming.

Very basic but did the job – it ran on 2 plastic tubes. Cost around £10 altogether.

Storm Freerun DIY dolly for the Canon EOS 7D


And the glidetrack…

Storm Freerun glidetrack setup

For the shot at 3:04 – I skated alongside him holding the camera out on the end of a tripod, tilting it up and down whenever necessary. The footage was very shaky but came out well after a pass through the deshaker filter in VirtualDub.

The skate and stabilizer did the job pretty well. There were a few longer shots but they were relegated to the outtakes video.

Everything was edited in Premiere and After Effects, with Boujou and 3DSMax used for the ‘SupremeBeing' clip. The ultra-slow mo shot near the start was done using Twixtor. Grading was also done in Premiere using only curves and colour balance.

Our thanks go out to Claudio for taking the time to give us some background info! What do you think? Look like fun to you?

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

Zeiss Cinema Lenses


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  2. Have you thought about incorporating a GoPro HD video camera in some of the shots to show the talents perspective at times. Or the Twixtor plugin for AE to reallly slow it down 😉

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